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Fitness Instructor Ada-Ari Agbim Shows How to Make Your Work Out with Weights an Enjoyable Experience



unnamed-3It is the age-old debate: Cardio vs Strength Training. Cardiovascular exercises use large muscle movement over a sustained period of time to lift the heart rate. Cardio builds endurance and examples include walking/running, biking, and swimming. These are the go-to exercises when we are looking to slim down and reduce size. Strength training improves the muscle’s ability to resist force. Also known as resistance training, this type of exercise builds muscle strength and examples range from weight lifting exercises such as bicep curls and weighted squats, to body-weight exercises such as pushups, and planks. These are the go-to exercises when we are looking to tone and shape our muscles.

So which is better? Many fitness fans will argue one way or the other: strength training because cardio is long and boring, or cardio because strength training is difficult and adds bulk. The truth is that both forms of exercise are important to burn fat and improve overall fitness. This is why you see runners in the weight room, and bodybuilders on the treadmill. Cardio will burn more fat DURING the workout, while strength training keeps your body burning fat well after the workout is over.

Now for the question: “how do I incorporate both types of workouts?” Some people alternate days in the gym, doing cardio one day, and lifting weights on another. Others will double their time at the gym to get both workout types in. A great option is to combine cardio and strength training into each exercise. This saves time and challenges your body – getting to your results even faster.

In the video below, we combine squats, lunges, propulsion, and dumbbell exercises into a fun and intense exercise routine. Set to “My Darling” by Tiwa Savage, this one is quick yet effective.
Give it a try, and you’ll feel your heart rate speed up and muscles respond instantly.

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Ada-Ari uploads weekly workouts set to African music. She is a certified, Elite Group Fitness instructor based in Washington, D.C. Ada-Ari teaches, step, aerobics, HIIT, and weight training classes multiple times a week. She is also a soccer player. Other loves: God, music, Game of Thrones, family time....... And (the Kardashians)... Did I just say that out loud? Follow on Instagram: @ada_ari Subscribe on youtube. Channel: AdaAri Like on Facebook: AdaAri


  1. Getting my mojo back

    September 5, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Thanks Ada! Used your video to work out during my exercise routine today. Great one. Hard on the knees though 🙂

  2. Honey

    September 5, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    I will take strength building over cardio anytime. The compliments I get when I wear sleeveless tops n shorts # team toned all over.

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