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Beyond Facebook…The Mobi Hunter presents Exciting & Effective Mobile Marketing Solutions



Marketers will be happy to know that audiences do in fact exist outside of Facebook in Nigeria. What, you may be asking yourself, where do they exist?

A mobile media agency called The Mobi Hunter has exclusivity to advertise to 16.5 Million monthly active mobile users in Nigeria. The breakdown of these users consist of 10 million on 2go, 4.3 million users on BBM and 2.5 million for Nimbuzz.

Brands wanting to target a smartphone professional audience will be happy to know that BBM offers exactly this via The Mobi Hunter. Brands can make use of Install ADS on BBM or richer ads like Video

Some facts about the BBM users;
• Spend 9 Hours + messaging weekly
• 30% earn more than 200k Naira p.m
• 79% University Educated
• 60% use BBM 7 days a week
• 70% of users are on a contract with data
• 55% have shopped online before

Sponsored post and invites on BBM;
Sponsored posts are displayed in the BBM User’s News Feed along with updates from their contacts. These ads are clickable to mobi sites and can also link to forms for competition entries.
An exciting new way to engage users is through video ads. It’s highly engaging and can use to deploy teaser videos with links leading to Youtube for the complete video.


2go is a free instant messaging social network that facilitates approximately 7 billion messages a month. Users can share photos and update their profile status. For brands looking to market to a feature phone market 2go is perfect. 73% of the 2go users are between the ages of 19 to 29 years old and the majority are males.

Splash Ads
Brands can advertise via a full screen Splash Ad which appears when the user logs in to 2go. The Splash is clickable and can be targeted based on age, region and gender.


Fast Lane
A popular space for brands to gain maximum exposure is on the 2go Fast Lane. The 2go Fast Lane is a dedicated space on the home screen of the 2go app that reaches 6 million users and generates massive clicks due to its always on presence. At $ 5,000 per month brand would receive a premium space un-cluttered by other advertisers.


Similar to BBM Nimbuzz offers brands the opportunity to market to smartphones users. Nimbuzz offers mobile user a rich user interface and adverts are tailored to complement it.

Banner ads and Splash ads
Banner ads and Slash ads have been receiving decent click through rates of 3% over the past few months. Proving very popular with brands and mobile users.


So brands can in fact extend their audiences and with a reach of 16.5 Million monthly active mobile users via The Mobi Hunter it is viable option. The Mobi Hunter’s the country manager can assist in achieving your brand’s digital goals and objectives. You can reach him on this email address [email protected]

Minimum spend is $1,000 and this gets you 285,714 impressions at average engagement rate of 3 – 9% CTR depending on how creative and enticing the banners used are.
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