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Are You the Big Boss Now?



Ask any Nigerian where they want to be in 5 years time and you’ll probably hear “running my own business”. If they aren’t already. It’s in our blood! But let’s not be fooled starting out on your own is tough.

After 4 years in a big company – I gave up the safety of a 9-5 steady salary, gave myself the “You can do it speech” and started my own digital agency.

I used every wedding, birthday and family get together as a shameless opportunity to promote my business. Hustling on my own as long as I could with my one man show, doing a bit of everything: operations, marketing, finance, HR and chief house girl. Then after dropping the ball a few times and endless late nights I finally admitted that it was time to bring in some extra help.

Expanding your empire sounds fun at first and then the pain begins. Recruitment is one of those areas in business that is essential, but in this Nigeria you learn to quietly dread.

So you only ever have three options:

  1. Spend big money and outsource it to a recruitment agency
  2. Posting a job and waiting for the CV’s to slowly trickle in.
  3. Or the inconsisent but preferred ‘word of mouth personal refferals’ which means taking on someone’s cousin’s friend’s brother’s flatmate’s stepsister ‘Cos they just moved back and they are looking for something’

I followed the footsteps of a friend that had gone through this. She suggested I try a talent pool. I started with Linkedin and reached out to a few people but it was inconsistent, not everybody had filled in their profile and of those I reached out to, only a few responded or said that they weren’t job hunting.

Then the same friend suggested SHORTLIST, she’d moved on to the next thing– a new talent pool from Phillips Consulting. She said it worked in a similar way to Linkedin and I could use some criteria to pull out candidates and contact them directly.

I loved the idea that there were already experienced candidates there waiting! The signup was straightforward. In minutes I had the opportunity to cut through thousands of resumes to find professionals that met my requirements. All ready for interview and available to hire. It was free to sign up, free to search and free to contact candidates. You could pay for premiuim services but the basic level was still enough to get me 3 great candidates for interview.

Just because I’m a start up doesn’t mean I wont pay for talent. If you’re in my position starting or thinking of starting a busines, you’ll appreciate that we need people that are adding value to our business from day one.

I still don’t exactly enjoy recruitment but this platform has made it less stressful and more efficient for me. I know when my business expands I have a reliable, convenient and steady source of great candidates

Ready to grow your empire? Try it for yourself at SHORTLIST Nigeria…the new way to recruit :

Contact SHORTLIST before the 2nd of December and they’ll help you fill your vacancy for absolutely free. Contact them at [email protected]

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  1. Funlayo

    November 28, 2015 at 1:00 pm

    I totally get what she’s saying. The first time you recruit for your business you’re so excited but then you start interviewing and you get so disappointed. Finding good staff is so hard. Everybody talks about how much unemployment there is out there but they don’t talk about how unemployable many people are.


    November 28, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    Nice one, I actually thought this was a post on how to move to your next level and all that. I just celebrated my 5th year with my organisation, I run a small pr coy, a cleaning services and just recently 2yrs now, I started a movie review site! While everything is under the umbrella of the PR coy, not sure I ready to leave my comfort zone. Ah well, will definitely consider shortlist when I do.

  3. Moses

    November 28, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    It’s interesting that someone has thought about we the small business owners & created a nice way for us to recruit. I must say I just jumped on it & it seems an interesting way to get candidates. I’m honestly just tired of advertising roles & having about 100 applicants out of which you barely find 5 suitable ones. I’ve spent a whole night sorting CVs especially since I’m no HR pro… lol Now i’m excited with this, hopefully it does prove effective.

  4. Chidiebere

    November 29, 2015 at 9:33 am

    Yes! I do agree with @Funlayo a lot of them are after the age factor looking at a very young chap and disrespecting the rules of the company.

    (Experience indeed is the best teacher)

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