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Charly Boy weighs in on Will Smith’s Accent in the Movie “Concussion” & How Nigerians Reacted

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Are you a movie buff?

Have you seen the movie CONCUSSION?

If not, I suggest you do so.

In the movie, Super A-list actor, Will Smith plays a lead role, where he depicts the character of a notable Nigerian Doctor, Bennett Omalu, the first ever doctor to research and find out the link between banging heads in American football and a disease called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, CTE and whose works have saved lives in the NFL  in the United States and worldwide.

Hummmmm, wouldn’t you expect that Nigerians would be happy with Will Smith for portraying our brother in good light for his great work? Instead, Naijas are beefing Will Smith for failing to capture the Nigerian accent to the T. Haba!!!

Why can’t my people for once just focus on that which is positive and good?

If Dr. Bennett Omalu has been in America as long as over 10yrs, do we expect him to still possess the igbotic accent some of us are born with? Even on our own local radio station, I hear some presenters sounding more Americanised than Americans. Should we insist they speak with their strong Yoruba/Igbo/Hausa accent?

Without that movie, we wouldn’t have really known who Dr. Bennett Omalu is. Isn’t it enough that he discovered how to save the lives of a lot of football superstars? Even in our own country Nigeria, have we really shown that we value our players, celebrities, entertainers, and generally, all those that make us happy?

Please we should chill with all the silly, stupid and uninformed comments. OMG!

The fact, for Christ’s sake is that Dr. Bennett Omalu  left Nigeria since 1993. How do we know if he even spoke with a heavy accent before he left our shores? Nobody knows if he had an igbo accent in the first place, so why do they expect Will Smith to speak like someone who hasn’t crossed the Seme border?

Even me CharlyBoy, after 5yrs in America, most Americans that I came across would have sworn that I was born and buttered in America. Abegi.

Sometimes I can’t believe my people’s hypocrisy, just too obnoxious, makes me sick.

For a long time now, the foreign press and television stations have portrayed Africa and Nigerians in particular as jokers, fraudsters, common criminals and everything bad; now that we have a movie that’s flipping a positive side, must we find something negative to say, all because of Will Smith’s accent?

For all those people out there yarning akpata, please shut the fuckup, nobody wants to read or hear your useless comments on this matter.

If you can’t applaud a job well done, just keep forever mute and stop all the unnecessary noise.

I don talk my own.

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