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Meet a love bird on Palmchat 5.1.4, Someone Special is waiting for YOU out there



Palmchat image00Alright! You have been chatting with her online and yea, she’s beautiful. You are probably wondering if her voice compliments her looks. You can fake a look (Photoshop or outright impersonation) but your voice? Hmm, not that easy!

Verify all Friend requests: Voice call on Palmchat 5.1.4 helps users block out fake people
Palmchat image03
So, imagine a scenario where you buzz a Miss. Pretty up on one of the chat rooms, only to realize hours later your Miss pretty is actually guy, not a lady lol? Everyone hates that kind of sham…c’mon that is why latest Palmchat 5.1.4 now allows users to send a voice call to potential new connections before clicking that “OK” button on a Friend request-isn’t that like really cool?

How it works-really simple. If an anonymous person sends you a Friends request on Palmchat simply hold the Voice recorder button down for a few seconds and send your potential friend a voice call. So, all things being right if anonymous is a real person, he/ she will do well to return your voice call before you connect to them-really, ‘cause it’s good to connect to new friends but it is best to connect to people you can trust.

Call it a date
With the latest Palmchat 5.1.4, users can enjoy custom features that make online dating much easier and safer. Users can connect with friends or prospect based on interest and the “Report an abuse” handle allows the user to censor inappropriate or unwanted conversations in their thread.

Messaging app tailor made for Africa
Palmchat 5.1.4 makes users feel at home with content that relate to their everybody life, Palmchatters can also express their emotions in very familiar ways by using first-of-its-kind native emojis designed exclusively for Palmchat.
More young and vibrant Africans are connecting to the world, family and friends through the new Palmchat 5.1.4 messaging app.

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