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Footprint to Africa Set to Launch “Africa in 10 Minutes” and “The Marketsquare Africa”



Footprint to AfricaFootprint to Africa, the leading business and financial news resource company, is set to launch two new services: Africa in 10 Minutes and The Marketsquare Africa.

Africa in 10 minutes is an online television that features the top business stories of the week as reported on the Footprint to Africa News platform, covering the five regions in Africa. Footprint to Africa recognizes that Africa’s emerging middle class is always on the go and in 10 minutes, viewers would be kept informed about the happenings in Africa in terms of investment and business news conveniently from any device – laptops, mobile phones and their tablets.

The Marketsquare Africa is a platform where businesses originate. It is designed to enable companies; mostly SMEs form joint ventures, synergies and partnerships to ensure sustainable growth. Access to finance continues to be a growth-constraint for SMEs in Africa and as such The Marketsquare Africa is designed to help companies reduce dependency on loans. It is also designed to help companies find the right agents, distributors and partners.

At a press conference held to promote the event, Barrister Osita Oparaugo, Managing Director, Footprint to Africa expressed his excitement at the launch of these innovative projects saying that The Marketsquare Africa would change the face of global business.

Oparaugo said he hopes to see small and medium enterprises in Africa take advantage of The Marketsquare Africa. He said,

Footprint to Africa recognizes that the small and medium enterprises in Africa are faced with a lot of challenges; access to finance and the inability to improve market access all work together to stifle the growth of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa. I believe The Marketsquare Africa is the new path of global business whereby local players can interconnect with their foreign counterparts and foreign manufacturers can easily connect with suitable local agents and distributors. This service eliminates the cost of travel and scouting that sometimes yield little or no results.

Milly A. Maina, Head of Operations, Footprint to Africa Kenya lauded Africa in 10 minutes saying that, “Footprint to Africa continues to set the standards for promoting intra-African and foreign investments . Africa in 10 minutes would make easily available, business and investment news for people on the go whilst The Marketsquare Africa would make global business easier.”

About Footprint2Africa

Footprint to Africa is a business/financial news resource and an investment bridge company. The main aim of the company is to promote intra-African and foreign investments and partnerships in Africa.

Footprint to Africa believes that the unavailability of proper investment and financial information and its dissemination is a major setback for developmental growth and that it contributes to the lack of basic market data which not only prevents attempts to generate proper market insights but also creates a strong barrier to foreign direct investment.

This is why Footprint to Africa is dedicated to reporting strictly business and financial news as it relates to investment in Africa, to make available, more information about the massive but untapped investment opportunities in Africa.

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    April 17, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Great initiative. We need to promote the work of SMEs no better way than online! I understand they have named it already, but isn’t 10mins too long? Especially since data is expensive in naija.

    • Chiamaka J. Uwadoka

      April 17, 2016 at 2:24 pm

      Hi! Thank you for your comment! 10 minutes is the maximum running time of each episode, we strive to keep each episode as short as possible

  2. kkay

    April 29, 2016 at 10:41 am

    Much needed.
    This platform would definitely open up a whole new level of opportunities for African businesses.

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