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A Boyfriend’s Love Letter to his Lade “You Are the Sugar in My Tea”

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A BellaNaijarian sent in this love letter for his girlfriend, whose birthday is today.

Here’s their tale of meeting at Uni, falling in love, to where they are now.


Love, from Piershill to Lagos…

Can I start up by saying Happy Birthday to you Lade? I write because it your birthday and I wanted to do something I have never done for you; write you a love letter. Now you can cross off love letter as one of the many ways I intend to say I love you. It’s so unfortunate that the art love letter writing has become obsolete. Nothing beats the feeling of tapping letters on the keyboard while listening to John Hiatt’s “Have a little faith in me;” trying to find the perfect adjectives to describe a feeling so abstract. Can I apologise in advance for any missed commas or full stops you might come across as this is one piece of written work you cannot help read through and correct mistakes.

I honestly can’t imagine how our story would have being written if I hadn’t attended that student union meeting back at uni. I remember you taking control of the room and bringing the room to order. The stern authority in your voice and yet being professional. You really did capture my attention then and still do now. Although it did take four years to capture yours; am happy that all my attempts were worth it and wouldn’t change a single thing. If I have to, I would throw another birthday party just to have a reason to invite you over. If I have to, I would take you to another handball game we know nothing about just to look stupid together. If I have to, I would watch another boring ass movie with you just to share that kiss at the end of it. If I have to, I would chase you down to Heathrow again for another chance to woo you. If I have to again, I would endure another Arik Air flight and just to let you know how perfectly matched we are.

Allow me to remix William Shakespeare on you right now, “but till all graces be in one woman, one woman shall not come in my grace. God fearing she shall be, that’s certain; ambitious, or absent is the future; wise, or I’ll none; virtuous, or parallel we shall be; fair or I’ll never look on her; mild or come not near me; noble, or not I for an angel; of good discourse, and excellent cook and her arse, her arse is got be as soft as the day she was born.” I was once told I might I have to go to Pluto to find this type of woman. Well, I guess I did because you’re definitely out of this world.

It’s amazing how you have made me grown and see things differently. It’s amazing how insanely you make up for my shortcomings. I can only look forward to the day I can offer you the title of wife and go on to fulfil the saying; behind every successful man is a woman. Just to let you know, when I do present you with THE little box, it will NOT be next to the window in Burger King!

Looking back I think we’ve the strangest time together. From me having to order you to be my girlfriend (who wouldn’t after trying for 4 years), to losing you in the streets of Oshogbo in the dead of the night. It’s amazing how memories are priceless when you are miles apart; memories of Lindt Lindor in Atlantis, memories of your packed assorted efo riro all the way from Nigeria. It’s was delicious! I love the fact that although am a chef who has worked in one of the best hotels in the world, you were the one that taught me how to make the perfect ogbono soup.

I hope you have an amazing day knowing that I miss you and really wish I could spend it with you. I wish you more success, blessing and happiness. Also enjoy your pack of Doritos, I remember you saying you were craving it.

When you do come across this letter online I hope it warms your heart like this cup of your favourite Douwe Egberts coffee I have being drinking curbing sleep with. I can’t wait for you to read this and then call me to correct my diction.

Love always;

I believe this letter won’t be complete without the classics. So here it goes…
…baby, you are the sugar in my tea!