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BN TV: Akah Nnani and Tony Okungbowa From “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Go On A Mission – Watch the Latest Episode of “Akah Bants”

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Akah Nnani met with Tony Okungbowa and he featured in the latest episode of ‘Akah Bants’. For those of you that don’t know, Tony used to DeeJay for ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘ between 2003 and 2013.

Here’s what he had to say,

“So the other day I’m hanging with a few friends at a party that Tony was at when he reached out to me to help him out because he was having a 3rd-world ‘major key’ Johnny-just-come emergency. Basically, his car had run out of fuel and he needed help trying to figure out how to get petrol.

As a Naija guy trying to help another Naija guy – not to mention one that has been missing-in-action in the abroad – I had to show Tony how things are run in Lagos 🙂

We had a great time driving around town, speaking our best versions of Yoruba and talking about the Ellen Show, Family, Nollywood and the entertainment business.

Watch it here!

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