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BN Beauty: Jackie Aina starts a #BlackLivesMatter Makeup Challenge with Black Owned Makeup Brands | Watch

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In this video, Jackie Aina is challenging everyone (but especially non-black YouTubers) to participate in the #BlackLivesMatter beauty challenge. Here’s what she said;

This makeup tutorial is a glamourous summer look using all Black Owned Beauty and Makeup Brands. I challenge all of YOU (especially those of you who are not black!) to try some new products are support MORE black and minority owned businesses! There are a LOT of black-owned brands who are AMAZING and are often over looked and overshadowed by bigger brands who don’t even cater to us as much as they should!

The same applies to black YouTubers! I challenge you to subscribe to someone new this week! Not out of guilt! But find someone who has the same interests as you but may not necessarily look like you and support them!

Step One: share this video on twitter
Step Two: @ your faves and encourage them to participate in the BOMB Challenge! (BOMB stands for Black Owned Makeup Brands!)

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