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Work Mode with Brown Uzoukwu: Spot Your Boss

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dreamstime_xl_35006044Every organization has its unique work environment. For some folks, their workplace might be an exciting place to go and for others, the thought of going to work the next day gives them nightmares. To a large extent, the boss’s personality and management style determines and influences the work environment.

If this is the case, it is important you identify the kind of boss you are working with and decide how to form the most beneficial and efficient relationship possible with him for the sake of your own career success.

Here are 10 types of bosses you might possibly encounter in the workplace.

The Traditionalist
Sometimes, you are faced with working with a boss that has been working with the organization when you are probably still learning to write with a pencil. This kind of bosses are traditionalists. They are very ridgid and stereotyped in their ways. They don’t take kindly to change. They like to stick to the ancient landmarks and the last thing they need is suggestions from someone from a selfie generation.
If you work with this kind of boss, it will be in your best interest to be receptive to the old methods. The truth is that, if their old style hasn’t been producing results, you wouldn’t have met the company. Occasionally, you may be able to introduce them to some new methods, but you must be patient with the system.

The Work Addict
This boss has a philosophy that is simple; work, work and work. Work-life balance is an alien concept, to this kind of boss. This kind of boss puts work first before every other thing – that is, if there is any other thing. You find him working late, working on weekends and even on public holidays. He has never taken a vacation. He has never called in sick.
Now, just because your boss doesn’t leave the office, doesn’t mean you can’t either. Be effective and efficient at your job and you won’t have a problem with the workaholic of a boss.

The Power Drunk
This kind of boss understands the power he has and he is wielding it at will. Power is everything to him. In fact, he loves the management side of the job more than the job itself. Essentially, this boss has the “my word is final” mentality.
If this is the boss you have to put up with, do what you are asked to do, but also do what is right. Don’t comply with unethical, outrageous and unlawful requests just because the boss said so. Whenever you do, you are responsible for your actions.

The Beast
He always want to appear scary. He is always yelling. According to this boss, shouting loudly is necessary for you to obey. He thinks it is essential to appear mean and intimidating. He yells and threatens employees in order to accomplish goals and it is working for him. If you actually feel intimidated, then it is time for you to look for a new job.
However, if you are bold and confident, just make sure you are following directions. The beast just wants people to do what they say, nothing personal. Don’t take the yelling to heart.

The Fault Finder
This is the kind of boss that detects something wrong in everything you do. It might be the smallest detail, but this boss must always make changes to your work, simply because he can. You might call him a perfectionist. At a point he might even want to micromanage you.
If your boss falls into this category, develop ways to argue your case constructively, while making sure your boss still feels in control. You must be willing to lose some battles, so you can eventually win the war.

The Paddy-Paddy
This is like the kind of boss everybody wants to have. He is just a jolly good fellow. He wants to be friends with all his employees. He wants to be seen as a friend and an equal and be well-liked for it. He is always throwing banters and is open to criticism.
If you have a paddy-paddy boss, don’t be carried away. Ensure that you balance work time with play time. Be mindful of your boundaries even when he lets his guards down. It’s ok to be friendly with your boss, but make sure you treat him with respect and professionally.

The Weakling
You have a weakling for a boss. You can pretty much get away with anything. When you have this kind of boss, it is normal to show up late to work, clock out early, whatever it may be. The weakling does not want to cause problems or arouse resentments, so employees are having a field day.

If this is your boss, don’t be fooled. He might not have the guts or gusto to stamp his authority and enforce his wishes, but you can be rest assured he is observing. He is not dumb. If he was, he wouldn’t be your boss. He can secretly and silently deal a major blow to your career when you least expects. Instead, motivate yourself to work harder and progress at your job.

The Newbie
The boss is new to the company or even in the industry. He might even be less educated than you are. Just because your boss appears under-qualified, doesn’t mean he can’t make a great boss. If he is new to something you know really well, help bring him up to speed if he is open to learn. He will remember you for it and will forever be indebted to you.

The Reserved
The reserved boss prefers to work alone. They became managers because of their productivity level and not because of their people skills. They function best when they are alone and such are not really good at managing teams. You will do yourself a lot of good by setting your own career goals and going out of your way to learn when you have this kind of boss.
When you are opportune to spend time with them, make sure you ask clear and direct questions on work process.

The Perfect One
Finally, the perfect boss. The great boss. The ideal boss. The boss you don’t just want to have but become. The perfect boss listens, he motivates, and he leads and is always seeking to mentor and coach younger employees. He wants everyone to succeed and so he creates a positive work environment.
Working with a perfect boss is not rocket science and you are lucky if you have one.

No matter the kind of boss you have, you can always find a way to succeed under their lead. Take notes of the traits of the bosses you have liked and not liked. Eventually, you will become someone else’s boss someday and I hope you become the perfect boss.

Meanwhile we’d like to know the kind of boss you have. Feel free to share on the comment section.
Have a great day.

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