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#BNFroFriday: Bantu Knots are the Perfect Edgy Protective Style you’ve been missing! | Here’s how to Do it Yourself!




One popular natural hairstyle to do, is Bantu Knots. It’s the very first style I learnt how to do while transitioning; before my big chop 6 years ago and it’s still one of my favourite styles till date because of it’s versatility. It’s great for any hair type/texture (relaxed, natural, texlaxed, transitioning etc), you can either wear it as a protective style and keep it in a knot or unravel the knot for bouncy curls or a curly ‘fro.

It’s one popular style Rihanna has rocked a few times. In this photo below, she used it as a ‘half updo’ style in the front and let the rest of her hair fall at the back. This style could also work with natural hair too.


In this video, natural hair vlogger Judith of JudithsNaturalHair on YouTube is showing us how she does her bantu knots.

One thing to note while doing any style is to protect the ends of your hair because it is the oldest part of your hair and the most fragile. Paying extra attention to the health of your tips helps in length retention. While twisting and wrapping the bantu knot, Judith moisturises her ends again before securing the knot with a pin.

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In this next video, Kia Bee shows us her version of bantu knots using hair extensions to achieve a bigger knot. Using hair extensions makes it a good protective style for the length of your hair (length retention).

It’s also a great style that gives you easy access to your scalp so it’s easy to give your scalp some extra love if you’re trying to grow out your edges or stop dandruff and itchy scalp. Just remember not to make the knots too tight.

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For a more textured curly ‘fro look, I like to twist the sections of my natural hair before wrapping the twist around itself to form a bantu knot; similar to what Kia Bee did but without the hair extensions and twisting instead of braiding.

I’ve never tried rocking the bantu knots as a style but It’s something I’ve been thinking about. If you’d like to try this style at home by yourself without going to the salon, make sure the lines on your hair are neatly parted because this adds to the beauty of the style.

So what do you think, will you be trying this style out?

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