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What Happens When a Girl Falls in Love With a Cultist? Read a Review of “Lie To Me, Dan” by Longrin Wetten

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This week’s Literally What’s Hot pick is from OkadaBooks newcomer author Longrin Wetten … his first book titled “Lie To Me, Dan” tells us what happens when a girl falls madly in love with a cultist. The book is sure to bring back memories from life in Nigerian universities. Read the review by ace reviewer and book addict Nimide Ogbeun below …

When lies form the beginning and foundation of a relationship/friendship, it is bound to take a wrong turn.

Lie To Me, Dan is set in the familiar walls and language of the Nigerian University where several personalities, individuals and secret organisations are formed.

I remembered vividly my university years while reading this book – the amazing people I met whose friendships still hold true till now. This book also took me back to the days spent living in fear of a lecturer’s disapproval or a failed course that might lead to extended stay – something everyone avoids.

Of course, if you studied in Nigeria, one cannot also forget the dreaded cult boys and their atrocities that threatened the sanity of our institutions. It is around these despicable organisations that this story is set.

Marilyn Zhasa, focused and determined to make a name for herself is on the right part to doing this until she catches the eye of of one of these cult boys, Daniel.

He is rich, manipulative, charming, cunning and handsome … all in one demonic package. More disturbing is the fact that he’s willing to do anything to get the girl of his dreams … Marilyn.

And by anything I mean even blackmail and perhaps murder!

The author, Longrin Wetten, takes us through familiar scenes more than a few of us can identify with; the hot headed chase of a man longing for a woman, the woman’s initial stubbornness and defenses, and then the much awaited breaking point.

But Longrin Wetten’s breaking point stretches longer than a point … rather, it is a twisted maze of betrayal, lies, accusations and a sad gruesome death.

One thing that this book taught me is that when we want people to spare us the horror of the truth by lying to us they still go ahead and disappoint us even though they think they are doing the honorable thing.

I also learned or rather confirmed that love truly breaks barriers and changes even the worst of our kind. Lie To Me, Dan is a definite potential cult classic (no pun intended) for Nigerian University students.

Check out the full book here at Lie To Me, Dan Download Link or read the free preview here

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