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Watch the First Episode of a New Season of This Life’s ‘A Change of Heart’ on BN TV



As you know we love to bring you cool African content, we bring you the first episode of This Life‘s new season ‘A Change of Heart’.

Here’s a synopsis of the first episode:

Adams is a womanizer. He held a party in his office, which attracted many young ladies and lads. But seems he has got skeletons in his cupboard as he prevents his wife from attending. Also, Adams has many bodyguards; he uses them to carry out his wishes. One of the many ladies that caught his fancy at the party was Ebiere. However, Ebiere seems naïve. Also, at the party was Ada who sneaked out of her parents’ house in her boyfriend’s company. The party ended and Adams retired to his bedroom with Ebiere while the others were sent home.

Watch it here:

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