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BN TV: Tomi Odunsi & Chef Daniel on Age Difference & Parental Disapproval in Marriage – Watch 2 New Episodes of ‘Dear Young Wife’




Tomi Odunsi & Chef Daniel have two new episode of Dear Young Wife. Watch them below.

Last Week’s Episode – #Agedifference

Age difference in Marriage; we are talking 20 -30 years difference. Does true love really exist in such marriages? Is the age difference a barrier to being friends in such marriages? What is it really like? For an Older guy to a younger girl , is it a more dominating relationship??? For a younger guy to an Older woman, is she so bossy that she leaves no room for him to be the man in the marriage?

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This Week’s Episode – #Parentaldisapproval

Not having your parents’ approval in a marriage, this is a very tough experience to go through. We talked about some ways to deal on today’s episode of #dearyoungwife.

Are there any suggestions or more advice on what to do to avoid this situation or how to remedy it, pls comment below. We would love to learn from you.

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