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Orijin presents #LiveOrijinal Aso Ebi Styles! #OrijinalAsoEbiBella Week 1 + Find out the Winner!



Orijin and AsoEbiBella are celebrating the festive season with a BANG this year!

Did you know? You and your tailor could win AMAZING prizes – Click here for all the info or see a summary below!

How to Participate!

  • Share your best #OrijinalAsoEbiBella looks on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Tag the tailor and tell us why you make the perfect Orijinal pair. If the tailor is not on Instagram, make a hash tag for him/her, e.g. outfit by #Rose
  • Use the hashtags #OrijinalAsoEbiBella and #LiveOrijinal and stand the chance to win amazing prizes! ?


5 pairs of Bellas and their Tailors will win the following –

  • for 5 tailors you will win shop upgrades – we will transform your space in an Orijinal way!
  • the 5 bellas will win a trunk each of fabulous fabrics – to keep making those show-stopping Orijinal styles!

All entries close by Tuesday January 10, 2017

All entries will also be featured in a weekly Saturday Special #OrijinalAsoEbiBella edition on!

If you didn’t win this time, don’t de discouraged, you can enter as many times as you want.

Here’s a compilation of the first week (from Thursday to Thursday) style slayers!

First off, here’s our Winner for the week chosen by a panel of judges! 4 more to go! Here’s @iamdivanista –

@iamdivanista: FG and I, are very close friends. Funny thing is, we even tagged ourselves “The Dynamic Duo” (inside joke)
To work with me, is no small feat, because I know what I want, down to every last detail. Even though I know that I put her through a lot of stress and last minute style adjustments, she was born ready. She brings every figment of my imagination to life.
So, its one thing for an outfit to be beautifully designed and well tailored, but its another thing for it to fit right and be worn gracefully. This is the ultimate combination of a style slayer and the designer.
When you’re constantly complimented about even the simplest of your outfits and you’re told that all your outfits are a hit back to back, so much so that they even set trends, then you know you and your bestie (Oops, Tailor) are the #OrijinalAsoebiBella Dynamic Duo! @the_maam and I, #LiveOrijinal 24/7/366!

@deeqlooks: I just saw the post on @bellanaijaweddings and @asoebibella why shouldn’t I participate #Fashionpreneur I wanna use this opportunity to thank my darling designer @beela_bharbs for always making me look gorgeous,have known her way back from primary school and have always supported her business from day 1 by patronising her and i didn’t regret that…She sews all my asoebi fabrics and i hardly do fittings cos she gets my right measurement and one thing i like about her is that i don’t give her styles,she sketches and create the best of the best styles for me that suit my stature..I know we both deserve to win this competition @beela_bharbs @deeqlooks #PerfectOrijinalPair
#OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal @orijin_nigeria

@toluakin: My tailor @tamandaz is the best. She doesn’t like to be addressed as a tailor, she prefers “fashion designer” lol. Yeah, she’s truly a designer as I rarely give her styles, i just drop the clothes on her. She knows how to complement my figure, and hide my flabby tummy? She is amazing because she doesn’t disappoint. I know they say tailors and mechanics are the worst liar, but you can be sure @tamandaz would deliver on the date she says. Tailors have shown me pepper in this Lagos, but she is bae. Not only are her pieces amazing, her prices are also very reasonable. Our love story has no end, and she’s already working on my wedding dress. I love my tailor ?? #LiveOrijinal #OrijinalAsoebiBella @asoebibella @bellanaijaweddings @orijinal_naija

@ayinkeh: My tailor n I are best friends, we don’t sweat to slay! @mariebabs n I have been unstoppable for years now so we just make magic effortlessly! I trust her enough to put my style together even when I’m out of town! #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@alagacash02: If one minute smile can make your pictures more beautiful, just imagine how you look when you keep the smile forever….
Kayninewear is the best Tailor Have Ever Meet in This Time …he’s very good in sewing…
@orijin_nigeria #Liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@princessjoyin: Reason why we should win… They say less is more, the fabric is beautiful and the style is so simple yet it came out looking this gorgeous…. My designer is upcoming and I really want to see her become great in this field …thanks
#kritiz2016 #weddingguest #turningup
Styled by @dollytinted
Makeup & gele by @beautypalace_makeover
Shoe & purse 4rm.. @glamroyal_beautypalace
XoXo #liveoriginal #orijinalasoebibella

@amykekz: @mizbee_couture puts me on the light every time she designs. Her work is neat and beautiful. Thanks for your creativity and originality. #aderonkeamunidaara ??✂#OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal

@chief.nomad: Still on the matter. Wedding Police uniform for #kaydee16 by @jaxnwears who I switched to after Bae complained. Not looked back ever since ??? #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@cheema_egems: I wanted that perfect look for me and my daughter for #ThanksgivingSunday. I had just a week to prepare. So I called on my friend, colleague & birthday mate @jbapparels. She just smiled and told me not to worry. Was I pleasantly surprised?! My daughter couldn’t stop kissing me…thank you so much @jbapparels…worthy of being mentioned twice. #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal

@inikpiadejo: For that stunning look that’s tailored to fit u just perfect , turn heads and make u the slayer u ought to be . Abujas best designer @celebrityqueenn is the go to chic! The designer for every occasion ,be it that dinner outfit , A wedding or ur go to casual or cooperate outfits. There’s always a twist to hers. Try her out n be sure to come back again n again n again! Tnx @celebrityqueenn for making us slay always ????????. #OrijinalAsoebiBella #LiveOrijinal #celebrityqueenn

@douyhine: My designer is the best.
Outfit by @house_of_douyhine #AsoEbiBella #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@ashabi_____: It’s actually my 4th month in my fashion school and I made this beautiful dress and turban to a friend’s wedding and I slayed. Can’t wait to start making beautiful dresses when am done with my program #orijinalasoebibella #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal #Ashabiloran #Tailornimi dress by @ashabi_____

@caramellez: #tbt Damn I have a little something going on there…? #plsleavemetoclaimthis ? #myhaterswillstartnow #orijinalasoebibella Outfit by @4everjoy 8years of ‘Aunty, sort me out & Just leave ur material’ only tailor that gets worried when I haven’t made anything in 2 months. ??

@chipepicherry in @oby_spiritcouture outfits. You knw why we make the Dynamic Duo cos I don’t even tell her what to make, I just send her the fabric and that’s all. I’m always amazed at how the fabric turns out into something magical n to shock u more I don’t ever have to go for amendments whatsoever, u knw what’s that means.. she stays in Asaba I stay I Port Harcourt. Now u can understand it when I tell u that, she just has my measurements and that does it. I’m u knw how difficult it is for tailors to get a good outfit that fits perfectly for bursty ladies but with her I’m 100% good. Last of all, we been friends since high school n she gave me that name @chipepicherry and we make the ultimate #OrijinalAsoEbiBella Dynamic Duo! #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal

@adetutu.adanma: That moment when you just want to dress up and go out because you can’t resist wearing your beautiful dress from your tailor….7years of getting my styling right deserves a good gift for my sane Tailor @Dflrocks.

@adetutu.adanma: It’s been 7good years of adding colour to my wardrobe, doing justice to my fabrics and making me walk in elegant at events no matter how small the party is, I call her my ‘sane tailor’ ….she gives me the best either as casual or owanbe outfit any day. @dflrocks
#orijinalAsoebiBella #LiveOriginal

@hardeywarley_: I just told him sew it anyhow and it turn out great on me #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@ladoyinbridals: @fabgarbsbyskibbie that’s her?? well…’I’m a designer not a tailor’ that’s what she says each time I call her a tailor?she is sooo detailed and achieves perfection in every piece her hand touches. She takes detailed measurements that I never knew existed?and every dress comes out has a master piece . I trust no other with my asoebis…even my wedding dress it’s going to be her!!!✔️ #LiveOrijinal #orijinalasoebibella @asoebibella @orijin_Nigeria

@mmg_creations: From Glory to Glory
This is one of my best pose with an Ankara fabric. I’m opting in for the #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella and I’m tagging my tailor #CorperAnike someone who make clothes in her room because she slayed this dress to my exact measurement. It will amaze u that whrn I for fitting, the cloth fitted perfectly without any inch of adjustment. She did good.

@i_am_rollykay: #orijinalasoebibella #becauseImmyowntailor #I_am_rollykay #becauseI #liveoriginal .
Tailor: @i_am_rollykay. You see, we make an awesome combo because I am the client and I am the Tailor?, #nobetterchemistry

@iam_gasio: #LiveOrijinal
This cloth was made to really compliment the African culture , a unique style of a real Black woman who emanate from the great tribe called #Yoruba
This cloth was made by the Best tailor you can ever think of @omoniwealth2015 , one of the sought after tailors in Nigeria and soon to come Africa, she is young , focus, hard working and the best young fashion designer you can Ever think of, she really deserve to be compensated by the Rewards

@jamila_jameel: ????so much love I gat for my tailor…… And we are making a wonderful pair.. ? you know Y… Cos she makes my fashion styles, dreams, creativity an d combination come to life.. ? ?
All she needs is your explanation et drawing even if it’s on d air you can do d drawing or with your ? mouth… She grabs it ASAP… ? @Angela @Angela @Angela #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal #OrijinalAsoEbiBella and #LiveOrijinal #asoebibella ????

@lindauzor: My tailor knows exactly what I want, she rarely disappoints me and her prizes are affordable. Outfit by my tailor #MamaEmma #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #liveoriginal

@niphemmee: This dress was made in absence and it still looks good on me, my tailor knws what I want and has never disappointed me…..#live orijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@smilygold: Myself and my tailor turned sister @apinkecreations are a great pair cos i tell her wat i want n she goes a long way to achieve it and do a lot more which i always like at d end of d day. Just met u @apinkecreations n it feels like a decade. Kip making me slay.???#orijinalasoebibella. #liveorijinal

@uchemark: #OrijinalAsoEbiBella….Dress by #houseofaeda✂️? My very good friend Uju by name was getting married on the 10th of Dec 2016 and i was ask to hold her gown as her chief bridesmaid which made me so excited because i had never done such thing before in my entire life.. Called my tailor and ask her for a style she gave me this and ask me to get the fabrics which i did and you know since is my first time i no won cari last so i pleaded with her to deliver it well which turn out to be magnificent and I was the Asa babe on that very day..thanks for given me this opportunity to flaunt ma gorgeous dress??

@bussie_l: my tailor # CHRfashonhouse is the best I have come across even tho she’s old……..she draws out the best styles all I need do is just describe it to her……she is my grandmother #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@dettie02: My Tailor is my cousin @adegbamigbebose , she’s an upcoming tailor but her work speaks otherwise . She’s very passionate about tailoring and creating new styles. #LiveOrijinal #OrijinalAsoebiBella

@emmoohjay: Nice dress by my baby @folacrownclothing she can sew for Africa ? specialist in bridal wears #orijinalasoebibella

@harshabby19: A lovely body slays a perfect outfit from an excellent tailor @kubura, that’s why we make an original pair #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@harshabby19: A lovely body slays a perfect outfit from an excellent tailor @kubura,that’s why we make an original pair #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@tohpretty_makeover: Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
Happiness can not be travelled to, owned or worn. It’s the spiritual experience of living every minute with LOVE, GRACE and GRATITUDE.
How i rocked a friend’s engagement, decided to rock my outfit designed by my baddest fashion designer @tacdesigns_ with ‘kicks’???, it doesn’t have to be heels?? all the time jawe… My love for kicks though ???
@tacdesigns_, thanks sweerie for always giving me the best designs for my cloths… I hope i rock my pleated asymmetric skirt ‘n’ kimono top wella?
Lest i forgot, why i laughed real hard in this picture is because my girls @feli_seun and @jimhab08 would not just let me be faa! Chai, dey were just cracking me up and i couldn’t stomach it anymore, i just had to burst into laughter.
#weddingguest #engagementoutfit #outfitinspiration #ankarafashion #ankarastyles #selectastyle #asoebibella #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@caramel_lima: #orijinalasoebibella #liveOrijinal
Outfit by #HiDee
My tailor is really the best out there,I’ve known her for some years now.
She’s always on time and never disappoints,I’ve never had a “WTF did you sew?”moment with her because she’s great at what she does, delivers promptly and leaves me highly satisfied.
She’s never afraid to try something new and we always experiment,always!
Not to mention her very affordable prices.
I’m never gonna cheat on her lol.
Great lady,she’s perfect for me????❤️
She beams with smiles anytime she sees a picture of me in her outfits.
We make the best and #orijinalpair majorly because everything she makes for me looks like she sewed them on my body,always perfect on me,and I don’t get stressed from complaining because I almost never have to complain.
She’s the best,absolutely the best.❤️

@dudlab: About last weekend’s owanbe ?? …makeup by @dudlabbeautytreatmua ???dress made by my ever reliable fashion designer @icaclothings …the fact is she has never for once measured me, as in she’s just superb ?#orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@evekay27: @asoebibella my tailor @enikoff is d best wen it coms to managing material;she will do wit 2yards wat others can’t do wit 4yards..highly creative but just a corner street tailor.i hope she gets to win so she can expand and grow. #OrijinalAsoEbibella #LiveOrijinal

@fholarmii: I just love the style!
#orijinalasoebibella @geecutfashion
The designer is my professional colleague, we are nurses, there is this saying that ‘Nurses are everything’s it’s indeed true especially in this case

@inikpiadejo: #orijinalAsoebibella #liveorijinal #celebrityqueenn . Take that centre stage that’s rightfully urs, don’t settle for less! Be red carpet ready with the best abuja tailor for the win @celebrityqueenn and trust never to get disappointed ! Her work speaks for itself! a trial wld convince u slayers!

@iwa_letoile: #OriginalAsoEbiBella , @ode_houseofabby is a self taught tailor. Through trial and error ,she was able to perfect her skills. From when she was learning to becoming a pro, she makes all my owambe outfits.I get compliments anytime I wear her outfits and she’s got a lot of referrals cos she’s good at what she’s doing.Young and talented. I can’t count the no of papers she had to cut before creating a design. We will draw the designs out and she will cut. It was always fun . So proud of her now. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@mz_crystal: 01The funny and amazing thing is I haven’t seen this tailor but she sows a perfect style…..Not a big tailor yeah…..She knows how to mix fabric in the most amazing way and yeah keeps to time….She delivered this piece 3days to her introduction….. That’s just so wow???? But she is dope like that….Can be slayed in two different ways….#orijinalasoebibella

@oseruona: Came across this competition and decided to partake which is very unlike me.
What propelled me is because I believe in my designer @didikafo_couture she’s young but she’s a bundle of talent. When I hear people complain of bad tailors I say I don’t understand because with her she gives me no worries and I know my clothes will be delivered when due before the day I need it. She’s efficient and detailed and is ready to create something that fits your personality if you do not have any style in mind or you are indecisive. We were church members and I knew her from time past when she modelled, I call her “faceofafrica”. Upon finishing her tertiary education she approached me and told me she now sews. I’m very selective when it comes to my clothes and hair. But I decided to let her sew my dress on first approach and the rest is history with @didikafo_couture
I really do hope she wins.
#liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella

@oluwabusola_a: Myself and @deejahrabiu are the perfect pair because she knows what fits my body and whatever she makes for me always looks as if it was sewn on me (the outfits literally fit like a glove), she slays every fabric, I call her ‘fabric slayer’. Khadijah is also talented in managing fabric, like she hates it when fabric is wasted especially because of how expensive fabrics can be (asoebi and others fabrics). Finally she is one of the most hard working people I know and she comes through for me every single time no matter how last minute I need an outfit (btw thank you very much)???? #LiveOrijinal #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #asoebibella

@ibimorgan: …design by #Bridget. I just met Bridget for the first time,and she blew my mind. She’s very creative. She can take an ordinary design and make it extraordinary.This dress is actually made up of 2 materials. When I bought the asoebi,I was like how in the world would I combine these two???Then I met Bridget and she waved her magic needle and played with both materials beautifully.I actually dint realise the awesomeness of this dress till I got to the wedding. All eyes were on me, and friends were like I’ve adopted your tailor,pls give me her number now! I heard I love your dress a gazillion times. I was grinning from ear to ear. Thank you #Bridget for making me look dope!
#creativity #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal

@jamila_jameel: ? ? ? kiss kiss to my lovely tailor… We Keep making a unique orijinal pair… Cos she makes things soooooooo easy….. I only have to say #madamseriboh please I want to recreate this styles rather than buying ready-made dresses ?.. She says ?…? the next thing you see is, she will get you a perfect and beautiful material that will be wonderful et pretty for that recreation of style you want….. ? ? All you ve to do is to pay your bill as soon get ur lovely ?…I so love her judgement et choice when it comes to picking of materials in other to bring out the best in ur style & in you… #madamseriboh #madamseriboh #madamseriboh #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal

@kemie_lolo: So @tolzeedesign knows how to style me the best have got no worries when it comes to dressing. My sis from anoda mum my egbon but also can be my aburo ?#OrijinalAsoEbiBella #Liveorijinal @asoebibella

@moninuola____: So I stumbled on this competition on @asoebibella & thought I participated ?… I don’t even know where to start from but I guess I’ll start by saying my tailor is d bomb?talk of sowing my fabrics wit so much perfection that it never needed adjustment , talk of keeping to time wit no disappointments, talk of humility like AV never seen , talk of patience when am confused on what style to pick everytime , talk of creativity even aft choosing my styles she still adds her sauce … I can go on & on because she’s not just my tailor she became a very good friend from being my tailor & d sky is d limit for my dear friend @thelmastitches keep slaying hunay… #orijinalasoebibella #asoebibella

@petu_mandyl: Designer: @petumandyl
Beautiful pieces and stitches from our hands… Outfits that not only blends well with the body but comforts the soul as well… #Orijinalasoebibella


  1. o

    December 24, 2016 at 7:23 pm

    The aso-ebi industry is a booming one… Recession is not affecting it at all. Face beat every Saturday….

  2. Eliot

    December 24, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    U are absolutely right…

  3. Fleur

    December 25, 2016 at 11:28 pm

    Bella, you are onto something here. Why not use your asoebi page to host a competition to be judged by us and then you select the winning clothes and ask the wearers to send the name of the tailor. Then you invite them to Lagos, have a final showdown where they sew for different body shapes and fabrics and have them judged by expert fashion designers and clothes aficionados? Them you give the first three some kind of award that is an upgrade where they get to learn new skills, improve on existing sskills, expand their shopsite (maybe better machines or Seger equipment) or introduce more sophisticated finishing and methods? This can help create more jobs in the sewing industry and improve their production process at a minimum. Just a thought that occurred to me as I read through.

    • oaks

      December 28, 2016 at 3:38 pm

      I concur

  4. Fleur

    December 25, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    Oh, and the tailors soils not be those ones that already travel abroad every year. I am talking about those neighborhood tailors that can do some great styles but don’t have million dollar clientele and high brow shops.

  5. Fleur

    December 25, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    Should. Not soils.

  6. Ade

    December 28, 2016 at 10:30 am

    I really don’t understand this tread, it’s had to associate the tailors to the clothes they have made. BN you need to make this neater it looks clumsy.

  7. Mz Socially Awkward....

    December 28, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Choi… Choi!!! You “peepu” are making me feel like suddenly landing in Naija for New Year’s, just so I fit follow una to sew holiday cloth. ??

    Couldn’t read every single story to the end (didn’t realise exactly how many they were until I started heading further down) but so many of these are beautiful! And props to the lady who’s only been in fashion school for 4months – you didn’t do badly with your outfit, mama.

    Kai, I’m seeing styles I want but can’t have at this present moment …. 🙁

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