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BN TV: Is it Time to Move Back to Nigeria? Battabox Asks Nigerians Who Recently Moved Back

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On this new episode of Battabox, Nigerians who moved back home from abroad were asked what their reasons are for moving back to the country.

Bursting with talent and intelligence, yet many of us leave our home to set up camp elsewhere. As a consequence Nigeria doesn’t fully benefit from the skills all our citizens possess.

So…Move Back To Nigeria was set up – to help Nigerians that want come back home but have no idea how to make the transition, find jobs and comfortably settle in to Naija society

At the Move Back To Nigeria (MBTN) and Young Nigeria MBA’s (YAM) networking event in Lagos,  Lolade of Battabox asks those at the events their reasons for moving back to the country.

“How important is it to invest in Nigeria?” Lolade asks.

“I think it’s very important…if you don’t invest in your country, who else is going to do it for you?” a young lady responds.

“I was born and raised in London,” a young man explains.

“And then you decided to come back home?” Lolade asks.

“Yes precisely,” he adds.

Do you think Nigerians in Diaspora should move back?

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