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“My anger is at the Fulani Herdsmen” – Apostle Suleman says his Statement was not Directed at Muslims or “the Fulani Nation” | WATCH



Apostle Johnson Suleiman has said that he will not withdraw his statement on the killing of Fulani Herdsmen who try to attack Christians.

Suleman stated this during a church meeting recently, adding that he has Muslim friends and family members, and is in no way inciting violence against Muslims or the Fulani people.

The clergyman said: “My anger is at the Fulani herdsmen who are killing people and I will not withdraw my statement or apologize. It is not against the Fulani nation but the Fulani herdsmen.”


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  1. nnn

    January 27, 2017 at 10:28 pm

    I watched the previous videos, and it is clear that you were talking of the Fulani Herdsmen.How people interpreted it and turned it upside down is mind-blowing.This guys have the bone to rule mentality,The statement of Buhari during the election he lost,nothing happened.That of elrufai nothing, Then a man of God speaks everybody is talking.Were is the outrage to killings of our brothers in kaduna. Christ has died for us so that our lives are spared, nobody is permitted to take our lives, if you siddon look while herdsmen attack you, you are an error.

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