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And the Winner for Day 4 of the #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway is…



Yay! BellaNaijarians, we have been loving all your entries so far.
We go love o!

The #UnionBank100BellaNaija Valentine Season Giveaway from Union Bank and BellaNaija kicked off four days ago as we are giving TEN people N100,000 each (one person per day) for Ten Days.

Want to be a part of it? You can still put in your entry for Day Five today (click here for more information) and be on the lookout for the next five days.

Day 4 was all about love after a bad breakup and we got really interesting entries across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and in the BellaNaija comment section. It was tough to select one winner but with a team of judges, we have selected ONE winner for Day Four.

See the winning entry from Dolapo (comment on the BellaNaija site) below.

You see how in basketball, a player is so desperate to save the ball from going out of bounds that he leaps off the court and tries to scoop the ball back into play before it touches the ground? Yeah, that! That was how she saved me. Leaped into the unknown and pulled me back from the brink before I went ‘out of bounds’.
“…Iwo, iwo nikan soso. Iwo, iwo nikan sso…” the voice of Asa floated from the speakers mounted in the ceiling of the bar as I motioned the bar keep to pour me another glass of baileys. The song in the background reminded me of two things; one is why I liked this bar, it has amazing acoustics.

The second and more important thing it reminded me of was the first time I saw her. Sitting at my table with a glass of wine in hand, I was looking around, checking out those who had come to this dinner fundraiser. My neck stopped swivelling like it had been caught in a vice. The live band was playing Asa’s Bibanke and she was dancing. Damn!!! She was moving so gracefully and her sultry black gown was swirling around her smoothly. I remember thinking, ‘how is anyone even able to dance to Bibanke that she’s able to do it so mesmerizingly?’ I would later realise that she was a great dancer. I on the other hand can’t dance to save my life…the irony!
Now I am here, in this bar trying to drown my sorrows. She was gone! I’d lost her and I still can’t come to terms with it. It’s so damn painful. She didn’t even say goodbye, she just left me hanging. I have gone through one bad breakup previously, but I yearned for that now because this one was so painful. Too painful! I remember reading somewhere that the worst breakups are not the ones vindictive, angry breakups but the ones where two people so in love have to separate because of circumstances. And that’s what happened. She left…she broke up with me by dying. It’s been over a year now yet it feels no better.
I paid my tab and stumbled out of the bar. It was raining moderately. It felt good to feel the rain on my skin, my face.
10:48pm, the luminescent hands of my wristwatch indicated. I started walking in no particular direction. I was so lost in myself that I didn’t notice the pristine white Benz that had pulled up beside me until it honked. The passenger side window slid down.
“Need a ride?” It was a casually dressed young lady. I think she may have been at the bar but, I am not really sure. I wasn’t paying much attention to anything.
I looked down into the car. “No, thank you”, I replied barely audibly and started walking again. She drove up to me and shouted through the window, “C’mon, lemme give you a ride”.
“Please, don’t worry. I’m fine”, I shook my head as I replied.
The windows rolled up and she sped ahead.
I thought she had left me alone until I saw her park at the bus stop up ahead. She got out and took something out of the trunk of her car. It was an umbrella. She opened it up and just stood there leaned on the back of her car.
I was perplexed! As I got nearer I took a good look at her. She was of average height and build, quite shapely. The curves of her hips and bosom were evident from the jeans trousers and white tees she was wearing. The rain spattered off the ground onto her white Adidas sneakers with the classic three black stripes on the side.
“Hi, I’m Elaine” she said as I got close enough, raising the umbrella to cover me as well.
“Do you make it a habit of offering strangers a ride? I chided unfairly.
“Well, I still have one person to kill tonight to meet my quota. You look like you wanna die. Why don’t we help each other out?” she said with an amused look. I felt a tiny, almost imperceptible smile on my lips.
She’d seen it too. “Oh wow, he smiles! Whoop whoop!!” she cheered.
I couldn’t fathom what was happening. And I couldn’t help but smile wider.
“What do you say we get out of this rain? Unless you wanna have a wet t-shirt contest!” she walked to the driver’s side and motioned me to join her in the car with a flick of her head.
She used her wit to bore through my defences. For the first time in a long while, I felt vulnerable. And I felt guilty. I opened the door and sat down. I heard a sound and felt something hard on the seat.
Elaine burst out laughing!! “I’m sorry”
I hadn’t realised there was a tube of moisturizer on the seat. I sat on it and it spurted all over the seat and on my backside. She rummaged through the mess on her backseat and found me a box of tissues.
“My car is a mess. Sorry. I compensate by keeping it looking tidy on the outside!” she said apologetically as I cleaned off the moisturizer as best as I could.
The rest of the night was surreal, to say the least. I kept trying to wrap my head around everything that happened since I left the bar. We exchanged numbers when she dropped me off at my apartment later that night.

I felt different when I woke up the next morning. Much like I’ve been given a new lease on life. I felt like I had something to live for again. Angela’s death had taken so much out of me that I didn’t remember what it felt to live again but something changed last night. Elaine so effortlessly made me realise that life goes on, that I could love again.
Elaine and I quickly became friends. She was an amazing person and when I looked back on that rainy night, it made sense. It’s only a special person who would go through all that trouble to give a grumpy guy a ride.
So, there I was again. In that same bar with a glass of baileys in my hands.
“To Elaine, she saved me!” I raised my glass in a toast with my closest male friends. It was my bachelor’s party!


Congratulations and we’ll be in touch!
If you didn’t win, do not be discouraged, keep your entries coming!


  1. Moriopeda

    February 19, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    Congratulations am the next

  2. Victoria

    February 19, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    @bellanaija,I have noticed from the entries picked as winners so far that you people are just out for writers that can play with words and all,its okay but the chances would have been fair if you allowed people just express themselves the way they can,even if they can’t play with words,the simplicity and sincerity of the write up should count too.I wonder how many of us would have passed essay writing if the examining board board based it only on ‘writing prowess’,its a gift and not everyone as it so instead of you claiming the competition is open to everyone,just say its for naturally good writers.Thanks

  3. Moriopeda

    February 19, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    Day 5 # Unionbank100Bellanaija “100 ways to find love in
    the Gym The gym is probably one of the best place to find
    love it is a perfect hormonal environment to fall in love, I just
    started my LEAVE from work so I decide to make use of my
    leave in a memorable way, I decide to visit one of the gym in
    town to ease stress and also relief myself my job has been
    hectic lately. I attended the gym classes regularly and I
    noticed it was really helping me get fit I made it an habit of
    visiting the gym every weekend one faithful day after the
    workout session while I was about to go home a gentleman
    worked towards me and said I love your stature I smiled and
    said thanks hoping he would leave he sat down and began
    asking questions to cut the long story short we became
    friends and team In the gym he started visiting and showing
    affection towards me at first I was trying to play hard to get
    but I realized he is just the perfect person for me I never
    believed I could find love at the gym I never knew he has
    been noticing me since I joined not until he had the courage
    to talk to me am happy I didn’t go to the gym alone am
    happy I found the love of my life there #unionbank100be

  4. Creamy Lebo

    February 19, 2017 at 8:00 pm

    Congrats man!!

    But am still not winning… Getting discouraged ?????????

  5. Mark Uma

    February 19, 2017 at 8:17 pm

    No one knows when, where and how you would find Love because Love is Magical. I enrolled in a fitness school way back during my National Youth Service year in Kwara state. As a youth corp member and a sportsman i had to keep fit and stay in shape after all a good healthy body also attracts the opposite sex Lol.
    I normally go to the gym for my fitness training on weekends in order to burn calories and stay healthy. As usual I went to the gym for my normal weekend fitness routine, I was doing the domb bell scale when I noticed on the other side a pretty damsel in the gym as well doing her own fitness routine.
    Obviously, she was super sexy and pretty of a truth I loved what I saw. Immediately she was done, I quickly roundoff mine and approached her and complimented her. We got acquitted, as we left the gym we got talking that’s how I found out she (Cristabel) was also a corp member like me and I was delighted as I asked her where her PPA was at and I told her mine. I was happy that I’ve found a fellow corp member that we would always carry ourselves along in the fitness gym centre. Truth be said, I got used to her as I never missed a weekend at the gym because of her and we really got along so well as we checked up on ourselves from time to time. One day, as we came for our usual fitness activity at the gym, there’s this particular routine called “Hegza leg” that our fitness instructor introduced to us that particular day. As we were working it out, I sprained my ankle, I was in so much pain that I could barely walk. Cristabel had to help me up and put my hand around her shoulders as I sat on a chair, and the dance instructor brought the first aid box to soothe the pain. I went home that day as Cristabel supported me in getting to the vehicle. She would always come around to attend to my ankle everyday, she was so tender, caring and infact she was my doctor. After three weeks i got better and resume my fitness routine with her at the gym. Four months to our passing out, as we were at the gym working out the music playing was “I Lay My Love On You” by WestLife. As we were working out I was also singing out loud to her she was blushing. After the days workout at the gym I told her I meant every lyrics of that song back there at the gym. I said “mere words can explain how i feel about her” and she said she will think about it and give me a reply. Each day I kept hoping she will give me reply soon until one day at the gym as we were doing our work out the music playing was “I Wanna Know Was Love Is” by Mariah Carey and Cristabel sang it so emotionally and said to me at the end of the song “That is my reply to you” Wow! I was filled with Joy that I hugged her affectionately. That was how I found Love at the Gym and we are still together waxing strong. #UnionBank100BellaNaija

  6. cutewine

    February 19, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    congrats Dolapo!

  7. Mgbeobu Stanley

    February 19, 2017 at 8:47 pm

    Day: 5.
    100 Ways to Find Love… in the Gym.

    Norah my babe often disturbs me to register in the gym house so as to build my body structure.

    Most times she complains that, I need to build my body to look like Flavour’s own.

    “Really I so much admire Flavour’s Six Packs and Muscles and entire body structures… Babe why can’t you make me love you more by hitting the gym? Norah my angel said.

    “I will my angel, since you said so I must hit the gym. I replied. The next morning she went to the nearby gym house and registered me. She came to my house and informed me about the recent development which I appreciated her so much…?.

    “Hey sweetheart are you not ready to go to the gym house today”…she said as she came to my house with some fruits and beverages.

    “I’m really ready my angel just waiting for you to accompany me…you know your presence gives me strength”, I said in return.

    We proceeded to the gym house together. On getting there I was greeted by one sweet damsel sitting adjacent to one fat man.

    “Hi dear how you doing” I quickly responded with so much interest. After the training that day, I collected her number without my angel being aware. When I got to the house I called her, having series of conversation I like her immediately.

    The next morning my babe came as usual for company but I told her to not bother much that I prefer to walk alone…with such comments she became suspicious and relaxed.

    When I get there I met with the sweet damsel and forget why I was there. I took her to the fast food joint besides the gym house, get her some snacks and soft drink. There we had some mutual discussion and quickly returned to the gym house.

    But unfortunately before we could return to the gym house my babe “Norah” had approached the house, searched for me but was disappointed when she saw me walking in with the damsel.

    She slapped me and got in combat with the girl. There, in front of everybody she denounced our relationship.


  8. Bona

    February 19, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    Am i ever going to win this..
    congratulations Dolapo !
    I’m happy for you

  9. Nkem

    February 19, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    Nice read. I really enjoyed this. Congratulations. BN be swallowing my submission since the beginning of the entries.

  10. Joy

    February 19, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    Around June last year I was a fat girl trying to shed some weight, I was a size 14 precisely. I was directed by a friend of mine to a fitness trainer, Blessing. On the day of our meeting where I’d be told about the requirements, dos and donts we talked for a while and she decided to motivate me with her story. According to her, he neighbo at the place she was staying was a fitness junkie and the kind of friends he keeps are his type, both male and female and since she likes him, she decided to enroll for a training session with the nearest gym. Actually she wasn’t doing any of those things with her heart, she will just spend time at the gym and go back home crying of pains and would later settle for all the junks at home. This continued for a while but nothing changed because of course she was still big. On one particular Saturday, she was ready to go to the gym but was tired, her friends warned her to stay back but she disagreed. On getting to the gym, she was dull and decided to warm up but in the process, she slumped.
    She opened her eyes but she was at home surrounded by her friend and a guy she usually sees at the gym. She asked what happened and her friend narrated how the young man called her saying she slumped at the gym, and how he drove her home. Blessing thanked him and from then, he helps her at the gym and also coached her and is still coaching her even as they are married. The guy she was dieing for actually came to ask her out but then she thanked him and said no. She is proudly a size 8 now and happily married. I told her that I will also Want to get my own gym husband.

  11. Moniker

    February 19, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    BN please, let my comment show I beg of you.
    So all these names are the original names abi? One of those names will be ‘A Real Nigerian’.
    Another one CaliforniaBawler. But because money de at stake, we bone our side names to wetin awa mama and papa give us… Wehdone ma and Wehdone sir

    • californiabawlar

      February 20, 2017 at 2:41 am

      Lmao! see stray bullet! I don’t even know what this competition is about. I just come on to read the winning entry posts. @ARN is a bombass writer though. I bet she’ll be winning something.

      Quick question, are these stories supposed to be fact or fiction?

  12. tatafo!

    February 20, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Hello BN career team, I want to draw your attention to these impressiveyoung men who are trying to make a positive influence. Please check out Releaf and the story behind this startup

    Here is a spotlight piece on them, it would be good for you to profile them so that perhaps more people can benefit from the services they offer.

  13. Callista

    February 20, 2017 at 1:31 am


    Tired and breathless I went to sit at bench already occupied by two guy, one was dark the other also dark but seem to have this cool attitude merely looking at them I can tell they are best of friends if not brothers.
    Can I join you guys? I asked with a half baked smile and an impression telling them to shift. Sure you can’ replied the not too cute younger one adjusting in the process.
    Their were discussing about celebrities and later changed the topic to fate and religion. Seeing the way two of them discuss about religion and their easy going nature I decided to key in. And as a talkative that I am I changed the discussion to an argument making the two of them to wow! At my points. Random discussion was discussed. We talked about life in the University, about food, girls etc. I totally forgot about why I came, I wasn’t the only one, the three of us seem to be engrossed in the convo talking like old classmates.
    Checking my time it’s past 7 already, oooh! I have to go now, talking to none of them in particular. Where are you headed? Not sure who threw the question.
    Trans amadi, I replied. OK do you mind if we drop you off? the elder one asked.
    Sure if your going toward that direction’ I answered jokingly.

    In less than 10mins I was sitting in the car with the elderly one driving. In the car I got to learn that both of them are siblings, Edwin was the name of the elder bro and John the name of the younger one.

    I exchanged number with Edwin when the car came to a halt in front of my estate gate.
    Later that night I received a call from him and we spoke at length talking about our family and all what not’ I also learnt he just moved to town with his family and told him little about myself. he offer to come pick me up early in the morning next day so we go to the gym together.

    He kept to time, after days of being close friends he asked me out and that’s how I found love in the gym.


  14. Uzoegbo Dumebi

    February 20, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Day 5 #Unionbank100Bellanaija -100 ways to find love in the gym

    So I’m standing in front of my mirror just
    staring at myself, having mixed feelings of anger,sadness and disgust, wondering how in the world I let myself grow out of shape just because it was the festive season and it felt justified to eat about anything. Just then I remembered that I had to be on Simis bridal train in 3 weeks time. The thought made me cringe so bad because I had hopes of finding an ” aspiring Mr Right” as the singlehood was becoming a bother to my grandma.
    “Not with this bloated stomach”, I said out loud. I Let out a deep sigh and decided that the next day, I must renew my membership card in the near-by gym and be dedicated to burning off the excess fat.
    The next day, all kitted up in black from head to toe, ready to mourn every bit of unnecessary fat in me, I set out for the gym….still having in my mouth, the taste of bounty chocolate I had eaten few minutes ago. I love chocolate!. So I made it to the gym safely and began working out using the treadmill with my mind focused on losing all excess fat and looking breath taking in my brides maid dress. But that didn’t last long. Minutes into my fat burning mission, the door leading to the gym was opened, revealing a really nicely built young tall, dark man. Oh! How I love tall,dark men. Well who doesn’t? Didn’t even realize when I glanced at his left hand…. “there’s no ring!” Quickly I turned my eyes away to focus on what I had been doing but I just could not help feeling so aware of his presence

    Couldn’t focus anymore so I decided to give Mr dark skin all the space in the gym and instead engage in brisk walking back home. “Hopefully when I come back tomorrow he won’t be there.” I thought to myself. Tried so hard to dismiss thoughts of him and what I had intended to be a quick journey back home turned out otherwise.
    The next day, I set out for the gym again. By this morning, I had successfully talked myself out of thinking about him. Got to the gym later in the evening and there he was already.
    This was the routine each day for, 2 weeks but I had learned to focus on getting my body in shape for Simi’s big day and won’t let any overflow of “handsomeness” get in my way. Within these two weeks, myself and Mr dark skin had begun exchanging pleasantries but nothing too serious. He became my workout buddy. We would workout together and at the end of the session, he’ll drop me off at my house. I started getting so comfortable around him and the thought of seeing him at the gym became my motivation. Surprisingly, in all of our workout and chit chats on our way home, we never exchanged phone numbers.
    The week of the wedding was here and I was happy at the positive effect the time I spent at the gym had on my body. One morning ( two days to the long awaited wedding), I woke up feeling really ill so I couldn’t go to work. In the evening it got so much worse, I had to go to the hospital and missed going to the gym. I was diagnosed with malaria and typhoid and was on admission in the hospital.
    There I was lying down on the hospital bed, lost in different thoughts. Thoughts of the fun I would probably miss at Simi’s wedding but mostly thoughts about my new friend and workout buddy, Frank. My thoughts were interrupted by the ringtone of my phone. It was not a saved number. “Who is this?” I muttered. Reluctantly, I answered the call and heard a male voice on the other end of the line. It’s him, it’s Frank. I smiled. He missed me. Apparently, he had gotten my phone number from the gym directory and called to know why I had been away from the gym. Frank came around every day to keep me company in the hospital till I was discharged.
    I missed Simi’s wedding that Saturday….but I definitely didn’t miss getting hooked up with “Mr right “. The gym sessions were definitely more rewarding than I expected. Though we are not married yet (we are engaged though) I have understood and experienced what it really means to love someone and to be loved by that person. Now, my grandma questions me about when I would give her great grand kids. “Soon ma…. Soon”

  15. sarah

    February 20, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    I had to get an outfit for my cousin’s wedding. Standing naked in the dressing room and facing the unnecessary large mirror, I sighed and scrunched my face up in disgust I hated my body and avoided mirrors. The folds on my stomach, the puffs in my cheeks and the flabby arms made me look like a disfigured monster. Forgive me for being so vulgar but this was how i genuinely felt. I re-wore my dress quickly and packed up the new dress. There was no need going for this wedding, I’m sure my horrible fatty body will make me a laughing stock amongst my extended family.
    As I hurried out of the dressing room, I felt warm tears drip down my face, why am I accursed with this body? I was still feeling miserable for myself when I bumped into a stranger. Wow! She was the most physically fit person I’ve ever met. She was wearing a crop top and you could see her rock solid abs. She noticed I was crying and was genuinely concerned, I didn’t know when I started telling her of how much I hated my body. She introduced herself as a gym owner and fitness instructor and gave me her card.
    Today is the 6th month anniversary of that blessed day. I have consistently visited the gym and lost so much weight. To celebrate my progress, I visited the same shopping centre to get new outfits. I got into the dressing room, took off my dress, looked at the mirror and smiled. I stared at my perky breast, slim waist and flat stomach. Gosh! I love my body. I thought the only emotion I could have for my body was hatred, but looking at this mirror, I realised that, I had found love at the gym.

  16. Ruvy

    February 20, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    I love reading this…congratulations Dolapo

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