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#BBNaija: Day 18 – Biggie’s delicious reward + The housemates lose their Wager, again!



Did you watch Day 18 of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show?

If you didn’t we’ve got the highlights for you!


Bisola’s got Pipes!

It all started with Bisola, Debie Rise and CoCoIce chilling in the changing room after the morning workout. They were engaged in a heated debate we’ve probably had ourselves at some point, “Rihanna or Beyonce?” Debie-Rise was on Beyonce’s side but Bisola and CoCoIce were trying to point out that Rihanna’s music was not as “angry and negative” as Beyonce’s. Efe rushed past chiming in “It’s anti-men” as everyone laughed.

CoCoIce and Bisola then launched into a duet of Rihanna’s “Mother Mary” and with that, the conversation morphed into another jam session. In the end, they confessed their mutual love for Beyonce despite what had been said and started singing her 2009 smash “Broken-Hearted Girl”.

Even Uriel chimed in and started adding cute ad libs and harmonies as Debie-Rise strummed away on her guitar.

Efe’s team win the pyramid task!

Still, on his strategy to continue uniting the Housemates, Biggie instructed Captain Efe to divide them into two equal groups and get them to build pyramids using a base frame and a set of balls.

Biggie’s plan was to remind the Housemates of their roots by building pyramids just like those of the Karo, which were built using manual labor by Karo farmers many years ago. They built the pyramids by stacking sacks of groundnuts.

Immediately after reading the task brief, Captain Efe hastily called out the Housemates’ names and grouped them into the two groups. At the sound of the buzzer, the Housemates sprang into action and started building the base for their pyramids while the Big Brother Ninjas hid the extra balls they needed to complete the task. After realizing they needed more balls they ran helter-skelter through the house, searching from top to bottom.

Ultimately team yellow was victorious completing their pyramid first and winning themselves a special lunch as a reward from Biggie!

Bigges Delicious Reward

After blazing through the pyramid building task and beating out team red, Gifty, Efe, ThinTallTony, Bassey, TBoss and CoCoIce won themselves a delicious meal courtesy of Big Brother. The Housemates chorused “Thank you Big Brother!” after hearing the news again before Biggie let them know that they had the option to share their meal with the losing team if they wanted. However, there was to be no more cooking until supper. “Find pleasure in the bare necessities of life!” Biggie joked.

The good news didn’t last long, though. Biggie then asked why the Housemates weren’t wearing their onesies which were met by gasps and blank stares from everyone. “I thought it was only for yesterday?” Uriel protested. It was all in vain though as Biggie reminded them that their wager was at risk and that they should also prepare for a gyration tonight.

It remains to be seen whether the Housemates will be keen to spend more time in their onesies after being joined at the hip all day yesterday! Watching them gyrate and sing their hearts out like they’ve been doing all afternoon will certainly be fun but having them do it looking like “giant Teletubbies” should make things so much more interesting.

After the high must come a Fall

With all the loved-up, love-fest bonhomie going on in the house thanks to the #BBOnesie Task it was easy for the Housemates to let their guard down. today, despite the generally positive and upbeat feelings in the House, the Housemates lost their wager because some of the Housemates were caught breaking Biggie’s rules.

Kemen, ThinTallTony, Bisola, CoCoIce and Marvis were singled out for whispering the previous evening and also for not speaking English or Pigeon English and he lectured the Housemates on the Rules in the House. The mood quickly turned in the House with TBoss standing dejected outside watering the flowers. She probably could use with a bot of ThinTallTony’s calming words, although she was probably upset with him being one of the main culprits that led to today’s Wager loss.

Although the Housemates acquitted themselves well in their Squad Dance Task Presentation, Biggie reminded them that they were under Biggie’s rules at all times and that Biggie is “always watching.” How will the housemate’s disappointment bring them closer together again or will it fracture the fragile truce that has enveloped the House.


  1. Fabulous

    February 10, 2017 at 8:25 am

    Stupid show.

    • Lolo

      February 10, 2017 at 11:45 am

      Take a chill pill Fabulous…no go burst vein o.

  2. lol…… chill
    It is interesting for a change

  3. Olaitan

    February 12, 2017 at 2:00 am

    well done house;l gbadun u efe n bisola,ttt n debbie rise,tboss shld try n change herself

  4. Olaitan

    February 12, 2017 at 2:02 am

    nice party outfit by payporte for housemates,enjoy ur party house

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