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When Life Takes You to a Place & You Don’t Even Know How You Got There! Watch Pemi’s Story on Room 313

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Every time we think we’ve seen the best episode of Room 313, Media Girl, Wana Udobang proves us wrong. With powerful monologues, and stellar acting, this web series just reaches out of the screen and clutches at all of your heart strings!

Room 313 is a “series of vignettes” built around the idea of the “talking cure.” In each episode, a character is filmed exploring a painful event in their past while sitting on a therapist’s couch.

The stark humanity portrayed by Ijeoma Aniebo, as she plays Pemi, is something special. And this is something that every episode of Room 313 has shown – the diversity of human emotion.

It is this emotion that makes us feel, makes us love, and makes us live.

Watch Pemi’s story here:

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