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When Your College Love becomes Your Endless Love! See Kimberly and Adeniyi’s Intercultural Wedding



Kimberly and Niyi met at a party in University, felt a spark but didn’t date and fell out of touch. Years would pass before Kimberly and Niyi would meet again at a party, fall back in love and finally decide that it was no use living a life without each other.

“…when two people are meant for each other, it doesn’t mean they have to be together immediately….but they will in due time.”

Kimberly. #kimberniyi2016

The regalness of their wedding was so undeniable as the theme and decor were a mix of whimsical designs, class, and intercultural love.

Kimberly wore an ivory Hayley Paige Keaton dress from Now and Forever bridal boutique in Houston, Texas which ironically was the first dress she had tried on and kept going back to.

The stripe designs and bottom layered layout was like nothing she had ever seen in a wedding dress before and she knew it would immediately compliment her preferred wedding theme.

~ Pre-Wedding Photos | Photography: Keith Cephus

How it All Began!
From the bride
Our love story began back in 2010 at Texas A&M University. At the time we were both in graduate school, and as luck would have it we both attended a graduate student social event on campus with friends one night.

After a night filled with laughter, fun, and introductions with friends Niyi asked Kim for her phone number at the end of the night and made it a point to drop a “one liner” in her ear in efforts to increase his probabilities (feel free to ask Niyi what the one liner was hehe).

After many texts message exchanges and phone conversations, Kim agreed to go on a date with Niyi for dinner at his favorite College Station, Texas restaurant Cheddars. It was during this date that we both felt a strong chemistry that neither one of us had experienced before. Kim even felt a strong presence of God letting her know that this was the man he created just for her.

For many months after this date we created a strong bond by going on several dates and having phone conversations but unfortunately, we never made it an “official” relationship. Months quickly became years and before you knew it we were both heading off to different cities to pursue career opportunities in the spring of 2012, mine as a healthcare consultant and his in engineering.

After many texts message exchanges and phone conversations, Kim agreed to go on a dinner date with Niyi to his favorite college station, Texas restaurant Cheddars.

At this point in our lives, we both went our separate ways and didn’t really communicate much with one another. It was so bad that often we would ponder on all the other possible outcomes we could have had. This “what if” feeling grew stronger and stronger for both of us and in 2013, coincidentally we both happened to be going to the same event that a mutual friend was throwing.

When we saw each other it was like no time had even passed from that first Cheddars date back in 2010. From that moment on, we both realized that we were soulmates (as corny as it sounds but so true) and didn’t want to settle for anyone else. Our friends and family were very supportive and encouraging, and it became apparent that we were meant for each other and this made us so happy.

Since we decided to make it “official” in 2013 we have gone on multiple adventures and have built an amazing relationship that we don’t regret. We now have an amazing story to tell our families and can say that when two people are meant for each other, it doesn’t mean they have to be together right immediately….but they will in due time.

We now have an amazing story to tell our families and can say that when two people are meant for each other, it doesn’t mean they have to be together right immediately….but they will in due time.

The proposal

Our engagement proposal took place on October 1, 2015, at the Houston Galleria mall inside the Kenneth Cole store…. believe it or not!

Niyi claims he didn’t plan the proposal to happen on Nigeria’s Independence day but the jury is still out on that. We had actually not seen each other in over two months at the time due to Niyi’s hectic offshore work schedule, being a subsea engineer. Niyi’s younger sister Flash was in Houston at the time and asked Kim to go to the mall with her to return an item.

Kim remembers this like it was yesterday because she was thinking aww man its Scandal night (one of her favorite shows)! She agreed to go with Flash and as they arrive at the Kenneth Cole store in the Galleria Kim constantly noticed his sister looking for items and taking her time even though the store was about to close for the night. Kim remembers thinking I hope we make it to the garage in time where we parked before the mall closes.

She walked up to his sister to see if she could help her find what she was looking for and before she knew it Flash got her phone camera out and told Kim to turn around. At first, Kim was confused and didn’t know what she was talking about but when she turned around Niyi was standing behind her and said “surprise” and then he said “I have an even bigger surprise” and got on one knee and asked Kimberly to marry him.

At this point, her mind was on another planet because everything was happening so fast. She just remembers being totally shocked, speechless, and nervous which is so crazy because she is known for being the queen of surprises.

The store was filled with some friends and the Kenneth Cole store staff all clapping. We both agree that it truly was an amazing surprise that we will never forget.

Advice for couples

After our amazing wedding experience we are so grateful to our family, friends, wedding vendors, and wedding planner A Conceal Affair for helping us. The tips we have for engaged couples are…

1. Don’t stress about the wedding…everything will come together even though it may seem like it won’t. 🙂
2. Hire a really great planner!
3. Get a really great photographer!
4. Keep your bridal train as short as possible to avoid extra costs and drama
5. Remember to have fun and ENJOY the moment!

~  White Wedding | Photography: Keith Cephus

~  Traditional Wedding | Photography: Keith Cephus


Planner: A Conceal Affair | @aconcealaffair
Décor: Keisha’s Kreations | @keishaskreations
Venue: Chateau Cocomar | @chateaucocomar
Photography: Keith Cephus | @kcephus
Videography: Eloquence Avenue | @eloquence.ave
Food Caterers: CJ’s Masterpiece and Secret Recipe | @cjsmasterpiece
Lighting: LG Entertainment | @lgentertainers
Band: Chris Mitchell | @chrismitchelljazz
DJ: Deejaytunes | @deejaytunes
MC: SignatureEvenTx  | @signatureeventx
Cake: Cakes by Gina

White wedding
Dress: Hayley Paige Keaton | @misshayleypaige
Store: Now and Forever Bridal Boutique | @nowandforeverbridalbtq
White wedding makeup: Color Du Jour Makeup Studio | @colordujourstudio
Traditional Reception Makeup: Makeup by Meagan | @makeup_bymeagan

Tux: KimonoKollections| @KimonoKollection
Dress: Kimblyn Box
Makeup: Belaan Beauty | @belaanbeauty
Suits: Kimono Kollection | @KimonoKollection

Traditional Wedding
Bride’s Dress: Designers Muse | @themusefactory_@designersmuseng
Gele: Gfay Designs | @gfaydesigns


  1. Abz

    February 11, 2017 at 5:31 pm

    She is a gorgeous bride and he is a dapper groom. I wish them both a happy married life. …The pictures are so gorgeous!

  2. jade

    February 11, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    Such an elegant beautiful wedding. Kim is stunning, I love the style of her wedding dress. Congratulation to Niyi and kim, God’s blessings as they embark on this new journey.

  3. Kemi

    February 11, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    This is the wedding my cousin attended and been waiting to show up on BN. She knows Niyi, and said he’s such a gentleman. And you can feel the love between the couple, they both were digging it on the dance floor too.
    Her traditional attire looks so beautiful on her.
    Photos are so pretty.

  4. Ruhamah

    February 11, 2017 at 10:07 pm

    Gorgeous photos.. Emphasis on getting a good photographer. *wink*

  5. Purplieciousbabe

    February 12, 2017 at 10:55 am

    My style of wedding. Really dainty. I love it

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