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Samuel Adeniji: Are HR Personnel the Best Judges of Personality for a Job Role?



Ever wondered the necessity of HR personnel in a company or an organization or startup (group of people that want to bring their ideas into life?) Who handpicks or has an idea of the best pick for the said company? Why can’t this vital decision be carried out by the eventual director or boss or manager at the 1st instance?

To my understanding, HR is the human nature or aspect of any business setup or concept. They are those that should understand or be familiar with the human psychology; how we humans operate, activities that makes us better, or enhance our work rate and wellbeing. This in turn gives better output to the business – not to forget the training and development or the compensation and benefits. No man can attain perfection, but HR can exploit the capabilities of employees, and for prospective ones… can, at a glance, choose who best fits – based on those capabilities and how best to reduces the weakness.

Obviously, HR have a constitution they live by, forgetting the main thing of being human – that is everyone must be heard.
Lateness isn’t acceptable to HR personnel, but decisions must be made on the output and activities of the person sitting in front of them (assuming he’s sitting). The HR personnel must have the ability to filter out words being said and body language to see people for who they really are. A lot out there are talkers, and not doers. If a smooth talker meets an HR, level 1 has been passed.

HR personnel’s cannot be biased, rash, or make decisions based on selfish interest and not concerning the company.

Over the years HR has been instrumental in the success and selection of the best candidates, but also in their failures and let go of potentials from their various companies. Wouldn’t it be better to meet your prospective manager or boss rather than an HR personnel at the initial point of contact which is an interview? We all know as the Boss with great power comes great responsibilities (Spiderman I think?) so, I’m sure he/she wouldn’t have time. Also it is the job function of the HR, but the results of such meetings is far greater than failures, and will most certainly improve the quantity and quality of persons you will attract. This, overall, benefits the organization.

There has to be better ways of hiring individuals, because times have changed. This situation reminds me of Billy Bean (played by Brad Pitt) in the blockbuster film Moneyball. Bean, General Manager of the baseball team Oakland A’s had become frustrated at the shambolic performance of his team all season. Aiming to rebuild his team, Bean wondered whether the way the A’s recruited players was outdated. Up until then, players were initially assessed by the club scouts and then presented to the GM once they were close to signing. The scouts were seen as the hiring experts – with many years in the game and who monitored players and made decisions made on professional “opinions”. In many cases players were signed up before they had even had a chance to meet with Bean. Flipping the process around, Bean realised that by meeting with potential new recruits himself – particularly star players (like he once was) – he was able to improve his chances of getting better players. This resulted in their best season for years and winning 20 consecutive games in a row breaking the American League record. (Movie addict and critic like myself).

EPL Managers like Sir Ferguson and Ogbeni Wenger have made this method the best way of recruitment. We all know the number of player and trophies they have achieved due to this (Arsenal 4 Life!) I know this would happen at the executive level of companies (the face) but many forget that the work is actually done at the ground level (the hand). I hope companies embrace this to seek out the best and get quality out of people that show up at their doorsteps for work (if Bros for gate allow). Maybe one day Dangote might be knocking on my door to invest or hire.

Just trying to make sense of it all.

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  1. Mekz

    March 23, 2017 at 9:49 am

    Hmmmm. Amazing. Very profound thoughts.
    Times have indeed changed.
    Managers meeting and choosing their preferred candidate makes even the recruitment process faster. This eventually takes us to referrals and head hunts.

    Managers should definitely be very involved the the process of choosing who fits a role. HR can do well in recommending candidates, documentations and compensation negotiations.

  2. africhic

    March 23, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    I’m in HR, we are business partners, advisory personnel etc. I dont think anyone is recruited in my organisation without an interview with their future supervisor. we determine best fit and explain why some others aren’t. Hr Managers don’t get criteria from the sky, in an organsation you understand the persons that can adapt to your organisation’s culture, you are an employee as well.

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