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BN Bridal Beauty: Be Inspired by these Gorgeous Wedding Reception Looks for Every Beautiful Bride



For the BN Bride-to-be, the reception look is just as important as the wedding ceremony look and BellaNaija Weddings is here to inspire you all the way!

Both outfits and beauty looks must be nothing short of spectacular. Some brides keep it simple with a second wedding dress in white but other brides are a little more adventurous with their second look, adding a little more drama and personality to their special day. See the photos below for amazing BN Bridal Beauty inspiration.

Makeup: @ronaldthe7th
Hair: @tobbiestouch
Photography: @bedge_pictures
Tiara/Earrings: @brides_Blings_n_tiaras
Muse: @tulzbaby_
Dress: @pklamour

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    May 6, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    beautiful. the red one is simply wow.

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