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BN TV: Watch Akah Nanni Talk About the Ewa Agoyin that Changed his Life on a New Episode of Akah Bants

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Akah Nnani is out with a new episode of Akah Bants, and in this episode, he’s showing us the Ewa Agoyin that changed his life.

He says:

So I had started rehearsals for a theatre show called HeartBeat The Musical and I started hearing about Ewa Agoyin that was amazing breakfast. Don’t get me wrong. I have had bread and beans before. But all home made.

I just had never had the ewa and burnt stew every other person in Lagos had eaten. So I said I must have this Ewa Agoyin oh. I tried a couple of vendors and to be honest I was disappointed. “This couldn’t be what everyone had been shouting about. This can’t be what Akah Nnani crossed road himself to go and buy…” I said to myself.

I had to vent to my colleagues and then they said to me “no! you got the wrong one. It’s the one from the general hospital you should get.” I really wanted to not go but my taste buds are stronger than my pride.

I finally got around to trying it and believe me… it was so good, I had to put it on Akah Bants!!


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