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Not Prepared for that Emergency? Credit Direct provides Easy Loans that Come to your Rescue ‘Sharp Sharp’



Credit Direct

There will always be emergencies. These can happen through job loss, unexpected home repairs, car troubles, unplanned travel expenses, medical emergency, and so many others. We can always save to prepare for the events, but just as when unexpected, we might not be fully prepared for these emergencies.

Credit Direct Limited, Nigeria’s leading microfinance institution, specializes in granting unsecured emergency loans for civil servants, salaried employers and corps members in the shortest possible time.

Credit Direct ‘Easy Loans can be gotten Sharp-Sharp”. Sharp Sharp is the company’s flagship product, and this product has helped hundreds of thousands of Nigerians meet their needs since inception with the company having given out loans to the tune of N130billion and counting, reaching a massive reach of over 300, 000 civil servants in over 25 states covering 30 ethnic groups. We have set the standard as it relates to unsecured lending.

In 2011, Credit Direct introduced its asset-based loans product which offers customers the opportunity to purchase household items and also accommodate certain segments of the market which are averse to interest bearing loans.

Credit Direct, through its ‘Empower the Corps’ loan product, also provides loan assistance to corps members to start up small business, get professional qualifications, or buy lifestyle or commercial assets. This is building the next generation entrepreneurs while creating a credit history and discipline for the corps members as they transition into the work environment.

Credit Direct currently operates in 25 states in Nigeria including the FCT Abuja. With a staff strength of over 1,000 employees and an active customer base in excess of 300,000, Credit Direct Limited is positioning itself to become the dominant market leader in the unsecured micro-lending (payroll lending) space in Nigeria and indeed Sub-Saharan Africa.

To access these loans, visit and give the required information needed to process your loan in the shortest time possible.

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