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“With education, you are in the business of impacting lives” – Leke Ilo speaks with Mr FAB on Under 40 CEOs



Leke Ilo

This episode features Leke Ilo the Managing Director at D-Ivy College. Many may remember him as the artist/rapper “Lequshe” a member of the group “Da Trybe” led by eLDee The Don and a number of his fans will also remember him as an on-air personality on Classic FM.

Leke Ilo started out pursuing a degree in Medicine at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital before leaving for the University Of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom where he got his Bachelors Degree and subsequently the University Of Leeds where he bagged his Master’s Degree in Education Management.


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    July 13, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Good morning sir,I am impressed with your write up. I wish to inform you that I am into primary and Nursary Education. I have my 1st degree in Economics Ed and my MBA. By God grace I just got an affiliation program with a University. Fund has been my greatest challenge. I bought a land behind my School some years ago whort #10,000,000 now. I have no money to start the affiliation program this sept. Sir I need a partnership. Believe you me it will be as good as running a university with less regulatory bodies disturbing because all goes to the main campus. The partnership is because of fund. It will be a profitable venture.

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