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BN TV: Watch a New Episode of Dele Issues (Daily Issues) titled “Sew Something Nice”



Comic actor Samuel Ajibola has dropped another hilarious episode of Dele Issues (Daily Issues) series titled ‘Sew Something Nice’. Dele issues (Daily Issues) follows the life of Dele who always takes on different roles in different episodes of the comedy series. The way he handles difficult situations in every episode keeps the audience glued to their seats in laughter.

“Sew Something Nice” centres on the Dele who takes on the role of a fashion designer. He was visited by a dissatisfied customer who advises him to go back to vulcanising instead of ruining people’s cloth materials all in the name of making clothes. Dele found this rather disturbing as he had just made a style he thought would attract prospective husbands to her, seeing that she was still single and definitely getting old.


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