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TY Bello drops New Video “What Song” | Watch on BN



TY Bello has released a new spontaneous worship song along with visuals titled “What Song“, along with George on the piano. The song was recorded by Sam Jazzy and filmed by Joel Benson. As she wrote on her Instagram page:

Some times I have no words .. so I start by stating the obvious . You are so merciful .. and kind:.:. That’s why I get to stand here in the first place … and start this conversation in song.. finding a new way to thank You … and to let You know I need you for everything. .. So I’ve come to find You .I need a fresh filling to do the next 24 hrs ..I woke up empty …My vision a little blurred .. touch my eyes .. breath into me new life ..and when my words aren’t clear enough .. I let my heart sing deeper than language .. You are my Everything…What song do I know that says how I really feel … I’ll sing to you anyway ..I love you .. I need you .. I have you .. thank you . #thursdaysessionswith @biggorgy .. filmed by @kachibensonrecorded by Sam Jazzy

Watch the video below:

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