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Watch Episode 3 of Wana Udobang’s Sickle Cell Awareness Series “Warriors” | Featuring Greg Emuze



A warrior’s story needs to be told over and over, far and wide. It is the story of survival against the tide of pain, medical bills, and the emotional upheaval of living with sickle cell.

Wana Udobang‘s latest series tells the story of sickle cell warriors. Warriors is an interview series that takes an in-depth look into the lives and experiences of people living with Sickle Cell disease,” Wana Udobang says.

Watch Episodes one and two here and here.

This episode features Greg Emuze, who shared his story of strength and determination.
“It wasn’t exactly easy to say you have sickle cell,” he said, adding that to him, the bane of the disease is having to lose time meant for other things during a crisis.

Greg describes the pain as similar to being hit by a truck. He says while taking painkillers can work, it is only for a while as sometimes, your body can become used to the drugs and it either reduces its effects or stop working for your system entirely.

He said: “Sickle cell pain can be really terrible and could go on for a while.”

Greg further talks about his friends and family who have been really supportive.


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