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17-year old convicted of Manslaughter after stabbing Friend over Girl



17-year old convicted of Manslaughter after stabbing Friend over Girl

The deceased Irfan Wahid | Photo Credit: Facebook – Tahir Fazil

A 17-year old boy has been found guilty of manslaughter after stabbing another 17-year old Irfan Wahid to death on Harehills Lane in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK on February 10.

BBC reports that the defendant was earlier cleared of the murder charge levelled against him by Leeds Crown Court.

He told jurors that he didn’t intend to kill the deceased, saying Irfan punched him to the ground when he saw him chatting with a girl he (defendant) once dated in 2016.

The girl was said to have spent time with the deceased in the days before his death.

The defendant told the court that he stabbed Irfan, who saw him and the girl chatting as he was getting off a bus, after the latter attacked him with a punch.

The defendant will be sentence on September 15, 2017.

The stabbing, which was captured on camera by other pupils and posted to SnapChat, according to DailyMail, left Irfan bleeding heavily from the deep wound on his chest.

“I was in the shop and heard a scream so I looked out and saw a boy who seemed to be bleeding from the abdomen. Some of his friends were trying to carry him down the street but when they were near the bank he collapsed,” a local shopkeeper, who saw the aftermath of the event said.

A 16-year old friend of the victim said:

Irfan had been talking to a girl at school and then his mate found out. Irfan had got off the bus to meet his brother and then got a text to meet his best friend somewhere.

He met him, they fought and then he was stabbed and killed. It was his friend who stabbed him. Irfan was basically stabbed for talking to the girl his friend liked – it’s shocking really. I saw that people had filmed the attack – but I haven’t seen any (footage). My friend said that people had uploaded it to Snapchat, but I haven’t seen it.

“He was very open, he was the loud one and he was just so friendly to everyone,” Irfan’s cousin Sadia Khan said.

Photo Credit: Facebook – Tahir Fazil

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