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If you’re not patient, you won’t get anywhere – Doris Simeon gives Nollywood Tips



If you're not patient, you won't get anywhere - Doris Simeon gives Nollywood Tips - BellaNaija

Doris Simeon

Popular actress Doris Simeon has given upcoming actors tips on how to survive in Nollywood in an interview with Punch.

The actress singled out patience as a very important value, as it will help in dealing with challenges. She said:

When you are coming into the industry, you have to be very patient if not, you would not get anywhere; you would just realise that the same way you rushed in would be the same way you rushed out.

But if you know your onions, you would know how to handle the challenges that come with the job. When you are patient and you know what you are doing, you would excel in the industry.

Doris Simeon also discussed how tasking it is for an actor to also play the role of the director and the producer. She said:

It is not easy for an actress to be the producer, director and also a cast of a movie but if you have the money, you do not need to go through that stress.

It would be easier to accomplish the project because you would be able to employ the people that ought to do the job. If you do not have the money, you have to face the stress.

When such a thing happens, it takes the grace of God for the actor to maintain his sanity because it is not easy.

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