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“I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25” – Oritsefemi



"I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25" - Oritsefemi

Oritsefemi and wife Nabila Fash

Singer Oritsefemi who tied the knot with his sweetheart Nabila Fash has said that he’s planning an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria scheduled to hold on November 25, 2017.

Oritsefemi, who kept his court wedding a secret until the information leaked online, made this known in an interview with PUNCH’s Saturday Beats.

“I kept my court wedding under wraps because I was in a lot of controversies during that period and I was also trying to work on my management. I was working on my brand image as well. My wife is a very private person and if we had made it public, it would have worked against us because sometimes when you share information like this, anything can happen.

I tried as much as possible to keep it to myself especially because my wife loves her privacy. It was my idea to make it private and when I spoke to my wife about it, she agreed. At the end of the day, the information still leaked.

I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25. I could have decided to do the wedding outside Nigeria but I am a man of the people. When I got to the event centre, I told them that I would be expecting at least 2,000 people but they told me that they believe that at least 3,000 people would be at the wedding, so they volunteered to cater for the other 1,000 people that may come for the wedding free of charge.

My wedding is going to be amazing and it would be strictly by invitation. I already have a song about wedding and people would want me to perform on my wedding day but I would do something different,” he said.

The singer also advised that married couples should not deprive each other of sex.

“Marriage is something that you have to be very diplomatic about. You have to be very careful and know what you are doing because it has its ups and downs. No marriage is perfect. Some people think that marriage is all about money but it is not. It takes God and the couple to understand each other. Some people talk about cheating in marriage and that is why I sang in my song, ‘Igbeyawo,’ that women should not starve their husband of sex. If you do that, it would bring problems in your home. I don’t want lack of sex to be a problem in my marriage. Any time my wife wants to have sex, I would always give it to her, at any time.

Sex should not be the problem. Money could cause problems but don’t let sex be the problem. Get close to your wife and try to understand when she needs it. As a wife, you also need to know when your husband needs to have sex. It pains me when I hear that lack of sex is the cause of some people’s marital crisis. I would rather hear a woman say that she wants her husband to work harder,” he said.

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  1. Ottawa Queen

    October 7, 2017 at 6:31 pm

    Who elaborate wedding epp? Dubai/abroad stuff or if you like do the wedding under water sef. See the likes of Tiwa, Ubi, Damilola, Tonto, Uche Jumbo etc. It’s never always about the big fancy wedding celebrations. Yes you have the money and ur status too calls for it. But it ends up being a charade. 2,000 guests, odiegwu! Focus more on building ur new marriage/home sir. Especially with the fact ur wife is a private person and the court wedding was more on a lowkey giving ur reasons why, so now what’s with the public announcement for the white wedding? Did ur wife suddenly take a different stand? Yes, even lowkey/family/medium sized weddings do face challenges also. Thing is, Marriage is not about impressing anyone, cus when it kicks in, those 2,000/3,000 guests will be nowhere near you, you’ll probably find some on social media throwing subtle shades. I’m wishing you all the best anyways. Not declaring anything bad on you, it aint personal. Just stating the obvious reality on this subject. Happy married life! Pretty wife you got there too!

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