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Cleaner Lagos

It starts with the little things we don’t check, the little things we say don’t matter, after all everyone is doing it, it wouldn’t hurt or more aptly put ‘Na me first start am?”. It starts with Nneka, she dumps her groundnut shell on the floor, Segun flings his empty bottle water plastic out the window, then Mrs Saliu cleans her house and so stealthily dumps the dirt by the street side at night, let’s not talk of those market women at Oshodi Market who just wait for the rains, so they can dump their dirt in the gutter, then there are the industrial businesses who channel their waste to the canal and end up blocking the free flow of water.

Our little drops did create a dangerous ocean, an ocean of overwhelming waste, now we complain about the gutters being too small, that the drainage doesn’t flow when the reality is that we created the menace that we live in.

In our usual carefree nature and finger pointing attitude, we will rather make bow-tie typed noble posts, hypocritically recommending for Government on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it, gathering hearts and shares OR better still, laugh at the situation with some Odunlade memes because it doesn’t directly affect us YET, rather than putting in the work.

Cleaner Lagos

While we sit in our air-conditioned homes, we think we can escape the damage we created from our comfort?

No, it doesn’t play out like that.

We need to address this issue of a Cleaner Lagos, and take on responsible roles for our environment.

Now our drainages are clogged, smelly and overflowing, rainwater is stuck on the roads and Adamu will have to fold his trousers to get to work, Mrs Nwachukwu will have to fix her car twice as often, people are swimming out of their homes, our friends are kayaking to work, crocodiles live among us, some have lost loved ones, homes and valuable properties to floods, infestations affecting the quality of our drinking water because we chose cheap talk over relevant action… shame!

Cleaner Lagos

To create a Cleaner Lagos worthy of her name and a befitting legacy for our children, we must all put our hands on deck to support the Governor Akinwumi Ambode led administration’s drive for a Cleaner Lagos for all. Walahi!

This Administration has engaged in a number of projects and strategies centered around building a Cleaner Lagos, a few of which are the recent employment of over 27,500 community sanitation workers, new partnerships to eradicate illegal dumps and create new landfills in Lagos State.

Cleaner Lagos

Also, the administration has been tactical about the onboarding of new initiatives to combat waste in the state, but all of this however beautiful is only a drop in the ocean if we do not all contribute our quota.

Stop the littering and use designated bins, also create the awareness in others around you.

A Cleaner Lagos is a pride to us all, this Lagos, #NaWeGetAm. A Cleaner Lagos is possible if we put in the work to make it happen. To check out what Lagos State is doing to guarantee a Cleaner Lagos for us all, Call 08139840260 or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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  1. June

    November 25, 2017 at 12:51 pm

    Awesome initiative !!! Let’s make Lagos clean

  2. oyoma kelvin

    November 25, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    yes o, lagos state has come a long way. kudos to the governor wey sabi.

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