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Enjoy Sharp Sharp Nutrition with the New Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink- 3-in-1 Yo!




I doubt there is anything more hectic than being stuck in Lagos traffic, sometimes you just wish you can teleport yourself from it. There was this one time I was stuck in one of these Lagos traffic. It wanted to frustrate my destiny, so all I just wanted to do when I got home was relax.

I remembered I had some chocolate powder and milk, to make a refreshing drink, and I figured at least that should help me replenish myself.

But then I thought of all the stress I had to go through to boil hot water and then mix the powder and milk, and I was like “Aye mi, after Lagos traffic have do its own, I will now come and do this one again?” That’s how I just decided not to have the drink again, and let’s just say on a scale of 1-100, my sadness was on 101. Yes! It broke the scale L

So the next day because it really pained me, I sought sympathy from my friend, and he was like, “Oh boy, I feel your pain bro, but if only you had the new Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink, you wouldn’t have gone through all of that.” In my mind, I was like “What is this one saying sef?” So he decided to unload this long gist about Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink on me.


He had all these wonderful things to say about Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink like how it provides convenience at its finest because it is ready-to-drink and you don’t have to stress with boiling hot water and all that yada yada, telling me how Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink gives you not just only chocolate and milk, but malt as well, all in one perfect blend; something about 3-in-1 Yo!

Then he finally hit me with it, Sharp Sharp Nutrition. I was like “Ah, which one is that again?” Because Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink is loaded with so much vitamins and minerals from its ingredients, it provides you Sharp Sharp Nutrition when you need it. I mean what more would you need to replenish yourself after being stuck in that unforgiving Lagos traffic?


To cut the long story short, fast forward a couple of days, and I have changed my friend’s name in my phone to “3-in-1 Yo!” You wanna know why? Well, I will tell you. That’s cus I tried Hollandia ChocoMalt Drink, and everything he said about it was spot on. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Why not give it a try? It is available nationwide and comes in 315mL and 100mL packs. Don’t worry, you will thank me later or better still thank my “3-in-1 Yo!”

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