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#BBNaija – Day 16: Ties that Bind, Bonded Kisses and More Highlights



#BBNaija3 – Day 16: Ties that Bind, Bonded Kisses and More Highlights

Did you watch day 16 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


The Ties That Bind

This week has already all types of crazy for the Housemates and it’s only Tuesday. First the new theme of “Tied Together“, the Nominations and then the harrowing Food Task. Thankfully last night Biggie gave the Housemates their weekly supplies which really made for an easier, more positive energy in the House.

Fast Friends

Obviously the Housemates needed a drink after the stressful day and as the alcohol flowed so unlikely companions were made. It was a clever move on Biggie’s part to shake up the pairs and shackle the shuffle together because it is making for an interesting watch.

Miracle and Ahneeka bonded well over a conversation about his career as a pilot, the usually quiet Housemate seemed to be at ease with her. Miss Khloe and Teddy A spent time outside together puffing away while Khloe vented her frustrations with Alex and gossiped to Teddy A about Princess and Alex. He was so calm and supportive towards her, telling her that people love her personality outside of the House and that he is sure the audience loves her because she is entirely herself. Leo and Princess seemed to get close over a conversation about Leo’s ex-girlfriend and Lolu even saved Alex during the Food Task, from not vomiting. Khloe, Teddy A, Angel and Anto also bond over their shared dislike for the way the other Housemates act about food.

Taking No Prisoners

No doubt, Khloe is relishing in her role as HoH, but her strong personality and straight talking ways have really come to the fore since she was crowned. As much as the Housemates are bonding, the new HoH takes no nonsense from anyone and makes it extremely clear. Last night she lashed out at both Princess and Alex over, you guessed it, food and told Princess that if she has a problem, she must be open about it.

The Quiet Ones

One Housemate who has been noticeably and strangely quite through this whole extravaganza has been K.Brule. Last night he was shackled to Lolu but while all the others were drinking, smoking and having a good time, K.Brule was quiet and not really participating in any of the groups’ laughter or fun. Cee-C also looked like she had a bee in her bonnet last night, and even had a light argument at the table with K.Brule looking all grumpy, but it is evident that the wind has been taken out of both their sails.

The King Killing Queen

It is no secret that K_Square (Khloe and K.Brule) make for a spikey pair at all levels, and the dysfunctional Head of House duo make for a dramatic leadership. Although their personalities might appear to be utterly divergent, based on their periodic bickering, there might be more to their joint stories than meets the eye.

Lift me up don’t bring me down

As Housemates enjoyed a pick-me-up in the garden, K.Brule asked to take a sip from Khloe’s drink which she opposed to. She knew K.Brule doesn’t hold down alcohol very well and Teddy A had made her drink much stronger than his. This revelation annoyed K.Brule even more for he didn’t like being babied, and even less so publicly scorned by his fierce and fabulous Queen. He turned to his newly-found confidante Alex to whom he had been pouring his heart out about Khloe’s demeaning attitude. Alex must have been waiting for the chance to give Khloe a piece of her mind, for no one expected her to roar so violently. Something must have been brewing in Alex for she threw a ton of expletives to Khloe to cut K.Brule a slack.

Might is right

As a result, when Khloe caller her co-regent to come sleep in the royal suite for their first night as Heads of House, to her biggest surprise, K.Brule had the cheek to say ‘no’. But the lady doesn’t take affront lightly, and while she was flabbergasted, she gathered herself and repeated her order. After all she made no secret of despising K.Brule and expected him to be wrapped around her finger. Power in Khloe’s view could never be shared with K.Brule. Unfortunately for him there was nowhere to hide from his Queen. As the leading lady that she is, Khloe proceeded to copiously lecture her King K.Brule that he was selfish for not recognizing that she stood up for him for she didn’t want Biggie to strike him again.  Left with no other option than co-operation, K.Brule replied to Khloe’s half-baked truth that he understood her, and she didn’t have to be so distrustful. Somehow K.Brule managed to get even the hard heartened ones like Khloe to soften up, hugging her so much so that she started crying that she was scared of being in love too much.

Freaked & Frozen Out

The House was in an upbeat mood this morning, with everyone getting used to their new pairing and bonding until Dee-One disturbed the peace. It all went downhill from there.

Dee-One had been chained to Nina since the early hours of the morning, and Nina not being very talkative, after breakfast he dragged her back to the bedroom for some genuine shut eye time. After a short while, in her capacity as Head of House, Khloe gathered Housemates around the kitchen table for they were sleeping too much according to her, and not giving value to Big Brother.

All were present, some like Lolu looking aloof, and slumped together in a sluggish way. Khloe was intent on whipping the House back into delivering the best entertainment and she wanted them to brainstorm and devise ways to ginger things up. That’s when Dee-One and Nina’s pair arrived, and having come last, Angel threw in a scornful remark that Housemates couldn’t sleep all day.

In a split second, Dee-One went ballistic, shouting back in a callous voice that no one had the right to tell him that he couldn’t sleep. Always ready to bounce back, Angel rose from his chair sticking his chest out and shouted a litany of insults from the top of his lungs. Some Housemates were scared away and took shelter into other rooms. Dee-One had exploded into a rage that only half-awoken, grumpy individuals have, smashing his fist on the table as to make his point better heard by all.

If anything, this outburst spoiled the spirit of the House, yet at no point did Khloe lose her Head of House cool as she ordered Dee-One to step away for he was causing wahala.  All the while Nina looked spooked shrunken behind Dee-One, until he walked away from the kitchen with Nina in his silent shadow.

It was all going to be forgotten until Biggie infuriated by all the gibberish struck again, and ordered Housemates to freeze.

Loved and Beloved

To mark the week of love and bonding, Biggie instructed Housemates to see the ‘good’ that lies in the person next to them. Biggie called onto them to be patient, tolerant and mindful of one another, reminding them that a House divided against itself cannot stand.

Biggie had used harnesses to bind Housemates to their partner and they were forbidden from removing it without Biggie’s sanction. To push the challenge further, Housemates have to eat, drink, shower and sleep – perform all bodily functions – with the bonds strictly intact for the next 24-hours. And to make it worse, they are not allowed to speak to any other Housemate except the one they are paired with.

Housemates were given just five minutes to say their final words to the House-at-large. Instinctively old couples reformed as per magic, with Teddy A and BamBam exchanging long smooches, as Ahneeka and Rico Swavey hugged intensely, while Anto and Lolu got all demonstrative.

Well the new pairing made for an interesting mix: Angel and Rico, Bambam and Tobi, Dee-One and Miracle, Princess and Vandora, Bitto and Ifu Ennada, Teddy A and Alex, Leo and Ahneeka, K.Brule and Nina, Khloe and Anto, and Lolu and Cee-C.

Biggie’s move proved right almost instantly, as the taciturn Miracle who had not uttered more than a few words a day, became suddenly talkative and animated. As for Ifu Ennada and Bitto, they could barely keep their hands off each other after their first kiss.

Bonded Kisses

If the Big Brother House was to be studied in a laboratory, scientists would certainly conclude that it’s a catalyst because people speedily react in ways that only leave our jaws dropped. Ifu Ennada has explicitly displayed her ability to ‘game’ while fishing for reactions with Bitto as a willing accomplice.

Let’s Bond

What started off as an innocent way to get Housemates to mingle and crack their shells open quickly turned into a reason to sharpen claws for some and a chance to bond for others? For Ifu Ennada and Bitto however, it was according to them, a chance to bring out their inner actors and get the House shaking while they were at it. Mission accomplished maybe?!

Smooth Talking Bitto

When described during the Tell-All Tasks, Bitto was called out for being mysterious. The other Housemates further highlighted how intelligent they thought he really was but still can’t seem to figure his game out. When observing closely, it’s been pretty obvious that the ladies are his muse. Constantly throwing intellectual complements and getting the girls to be comfortable around him, it’d be careless not to mention that he took on a fisher man’s role and tried tirelessly to smooth talk his catch onto the hook. Now, he is with Ifu Ennada kissing and sensually dancing. Although claiming it’s just a game; lip locking never is just a game because the very thin lines are often too invisible not to cross. He probably feels he’s finally landed a catch.

Fiesty Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada has been generally viewed as slightly drawn back and competitive. The kind of woman that has her cake and eats it. True to the descriptions, she has gradually broken down the thick walls of her boundaries and brought the game. Her kissing Bitto came as no surprise because during their post liquid courage spin the bottle games, she’s always explicitly revealed a rather sexual consciousness and courage towards tackling issues that would otherwise be considered taboo. During the day while Angel caressed his guitar strings, brewing intoxicating melodies, Ifu Ennada and Bitto were slow dancing rather sensually and while he had his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, she lowered them to her buttocks, adding chilli to a rather peppery scene. They finished their soap opera worthy scene cozily on the bed, with the other Housemates starring and giggling.

The two revealed no romantic intentions when questioned in the Diary Room, but both had very positive things to say about each other. This is the Big Brother House and seeds always become big trunk-ed trees. This might just be one of those cases, do you foresee the same thing?

Biggie’s Water Wrath

Big Brother is certainly not playing a game because he is the game. Every stunt the man pulls manages to pull us in, and has the Housemates wishing they had the clock master on speed dial to go back in-time and make better decisions and change their often unpredictable fate. It’s rough outchea!

Silent Bonds

After being bonded for the third time, the Housemates were given strict instructions about how they were to behave. They were to limit their conversations to their bond partners and completely avoid other Housemates. Well, they dully decided to stay true to their rebellion and smashed the rules and Biggie decided to bring out the big guns. He summoned the Housemates to the garden and called all of the bonded pairs except for BamBam and Tobi; and Khloe and Anto to the center, he made them freeze while his comrades pulled out the hose pipes and hosted a sprinkle party on the Housemates. The ninjas didn’t even pity the ladies and their wigs, ensuring they were all completely soaked. Ifu Ennada screeched like old tires and Ahneeka fidgeted as if something foreign had come upon her. Vandora and Princess were literally begging their tears to come out. There wasn’t much drama with the guys except Rico Swavey’s meme worthy facial expressions and Teddy A falling like a bag of heavy mass. It was both sad and comedic. Oxymoron much?

Down Memory Lane

Despite having lost their Wager twice in a row; having Biggie repeat himself regarding the rules; and the pep talk Khloe gave about sticking to the rules after bagging her throne, the Housemates utterly refused to regroup, align and abide. This has definitely undermined their individual games and brought them back to where they started, without shape or form. This behavioral pattern has left us wondering if the Housemates really have game plans in place because they seem to be less concerned about the game and more concerned about, well, everything else.

After today’s turn of events, or should we say ‘rain’ of events, the Housemates will think thrice before they think of even scratching any of Biggie’s rules. Do you agree?


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 16 activities?

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