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Residents of Barutten LGA “renounce their beloved Kwara State” over Neglect



Residents of Kwara State renounce Nigeria, claim Benin Republic - BellaNaija


Residents of Baruten Local Government in Kwara State have “renounced” the state, PM News reports.

In a statement released by Abdulrazaq O. Hamzat of Kwara Must Change, it was revealed that some of their members had quietly renounced their citizenship.

Hamzat blamed the lack of basic infrastructure in his statement.

Residents of the local government, he revealed, have to travel to Saki in Oyo State, or to Benin Republic, to receive medical treatment.

Neither the state, nor the federal government has positively impacted the local government, he said.

He added that during campaign season, the senators running to represent the district and the gubernatorial candidate often make campaign stops, promising to fix the town. However, once elected, nothing is done, he said.

Read the full statement below:

Kwara Must Change wishes to bring to public attention, the unfortunate situation in Baruten Local Government Area of Kwara State that has made the people renounce their beloved Kwara State.

Baruten is a Local Government in Kwara State sharing border with Benin Republic, but unfortunately, there is no road leading to the Local Government from Kwara.

When going to Baruten, one has to travel a long distance to neighboring Oyo State before connecting back to Baruten Local Government. However, apart from Oyo State, one can as well travel to Benin Republic and come in through the other axis.

Although, Nigeria’s border road to Benin Republic located in Gwanara district of Baruten Local Government is stinkingly terrible, not withstanding, one can still use it at grave discomfort.

According to the people living in the local government, since the creation of Kwara state over 51 years ago, no single meaningful project has been done in the local government by either state or federal government.

Few days ago, some members of Kwara Must Change residing in the local government confided in us that they have since lost hope in the Kwara State government and have silently renounced their Kwara State citizenship due to absolute neglect.

I am from Baruten local government, in Gwanara district specifically. We call ourselves citizens of Benin Republic because we are not sure if we are part of Kwara state. From Gwanara, we travel to Saki in Oyo state for medical treatments and some even die on the road while going. Others go to Benin Republic for medical treatments too, because we really lack everything at Baruten especially Gwanara district.

This is why Kwara Must Change is forced to ask the Kwara State government if Baruten Local Government is no longer part of Kwara State. If they are part of the State, why is Kwara State government not responsible for those living in Baruten and why are they completely abandoned over the years?

It is important to note that, the Kwara State governor, Senator representing Kwara North and other office holders often go to Baruten during electioneering campaigns. When they go there, they make all sorts of promises, but after getting into office, they forget the people.

We contend that, If government cannot build ordinary road into Baruten local government, how would they provide schools, medical facilities and other infrastructural developments?

Kwara Must Change is hereby calling on the Kwara State government to tell the people of Baruten their fate, whether or not they remain part of Kwara and Nigeria in extension.

Abdulrazaq O Hamzat
Kwara Must Change


  1. physio Tinu

    February 23, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    Ghen ghen. Things are beginning to happen. I don’t think I have ever heard of such a thing happening before in NIgeria? What is the name of the local governemnt chairman there? the councilors in the region? Sebi the governor’s name is Abdulfatah Ahmed? And the senate president hails from the same state_Olubukola Saraki.
    The people are waking up, it may take a while but we are waking up.

  2. Engoz

    February 23, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    These are Kwara state Senators
    Sen. Mohammed Shaába Lafiagi (Kwara North) APC
    Sen. Abubakar Bukola Saraki (Kwara Central) APC
    Sen. Rafiu Adedayo Ibrahim (Kwara South) APC

    This is the House of Rep for Baruten/Kaiama constituency APC
    This one was awarded

    See the way they spelt ‘excellence’ on a government website. Lmao!

    If you guys are serious, DO NOT VOTE THEM EVER AGAIN, and elect officials that have your interests as their priorities.

  3. Aare farmland

    February 24, 2018 at 4:08 am

    Most likely Borgu, bugara, bariba people. Three so called kingdoms, Bussa, Nikki and Kaima of same community, Royal Niger signed treaty with king of Bussa and french signed with King of Nikki. British also thought their treaty with Emir of Gwandu covered Borgu and only signed a treaty with Bussa as insurance but it was later proved false that Gwandu covered Borgu.. Finally between 1902-1904 the borgu, bugara, bariba were split by colonial powers into two, some communities fell into Benin and some became part of Nigeria. Borgu people are fairly sizable in Benin and have better political recognition than the Borgu people in Kwara State. Will wholeheartedly support their movement towards independence. Titbit is borgu were close to Yoruba before colonialism and the original tinubu may have been bariba.

  4. tunmi

    February 25, 2018 at 9:49 pm

    Thanks for the map BN!!!

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