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#BBNaija – Day 79: Damage Control Mode, Killing the Odour & More Highlights



#BBNaija - Day 79: Damage Control Mode, Killing the Odour & More Highlights

Did you watch day 79 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?

If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!


In Damage Control Mode

After Biggie reminded Housemates how deliberately they had ignored his instructions, a new Vote took place that saw Cee-C unexpectedly appointed as Head of House. All except perhaps Nina had seemed as reluctant as can be to choose her as their leader. In an ultimate attempt to make her voice heard, Alex had named Tobi as a fit candidate, but this being Biggie’s House, only his rules prevail.

A Derailed Design

With three Votes against her, Alex unwillingly resigned to accepting the new turn of events that saw Nina being named Head of House at the start of the day, only for Cee-C to be installed as ruler in the same evening.  As departing Head of House, for Alex the pill became harder to swallow when together with Tobi they had to tidy up the luxury bedroom to make room for Cee-C.

A 360 Degree Turnaround

With her newly-found claim on fame, Cee-C seemed to have recovered her voice, as she bonded with Nina over their shared status as victims of others’ judgement. Nina reminded her that half of the twenty Housemates who were in the game, had at one point or another called her ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’ yet she had outstayed all of them.

Silence Hurts

In the dressing room, Alex went to seat between her buddies Miracle and Tobi in search of consolation, but they were not ready to commiserate with her. Rather both of them cut her short, and tried to divert the conversation to complimenting her make-up free looks. But it was not enough to stop Alex and Tobi to ask what if Cee-C picked him to share the luxury bedroom with, a topic that dried out almost instantly. Yet Alex was not satisfied and took her venting with Nina, who also was not taking any of it.

Abeg No Wahala 

To her credit, Alex’s emotions have always been transparent and pretty straightforward. With the stakes getting high day after day, it is as if Housemates had decided to stay away from additional unmanageable heat.

The Same Road Traveled

In a heart to heart conversation, Nina poured her pain to Cee-C about how she’d like to prove that she’s not using Miracle for the game.

With only five days until the Finale, Nina has convinced herself that she’ll prove the culprit whom she didn’t mention that she’s being genuine with Miracle.

Not so long ago, the in-House couple hit a rough patch when Nina referred to Miracle as her best friend, which he didn’t take too well.

After attempts of trying to explain what she meant and how she sees him as her everything, she realised words weren’t enough to convince him and while on the verge of giving up, they were all over each other again.

Been There Before

In her attempt to prove that she’s being herself, Nina found a shoulder to cry in Cee-C and she consoled her by telling her not to take anything that happens in the House to heart.

In not so many words she told Nina that she’s also been a victim of other people’s conversations, and until she leaves the House, she’ll never truly know the next person’s intention.

She further added that gossip will never go away in the House because people get bored, so Nina should just shake it off and prove it when she’s outside of the Big Brother House.

However, Nina insists that she needs to prove herself.

Alex Cries in Tobi’s Arms

The not-so-silent war between Cee-C and Alex continues to rage like a wildfire – and this time, it’s over “untrue statements”. Last night, a flood of tears raced down Alex’ cheeks as she shared how hurt she is at the comments Cee-C made during the Live Eviction Show.

On Sunday night, Cee-C told Ebuka that Alex throws herself at every man in the House. A flabbergasted Alex took exception to the comments and defended herself, insisting that Cee-C was only saying this because she is not comfortable with her and Tobi’s close friendship. Naturally, Cee-C denied Alex’s assertions and said she was speaking about “all of the men” and not just Tobi.

Alex and Cee-C have had some pretty hairy encounters over the course of #BBNaija that have left the two at odds, mostly. Just yesterday, Alex was adamant that she didn’t want Cee-C to take over the Head Of House position she was leaving vacant because she didn’t want fights, attitude and bad vibes. Unfortunately, Cee-C took over anyway, courtesy of her having the least HOH victories under her belt, as per this week’s final HOH brief.

It is pretty clear that the ladies need to sit down and iron things out, but is it not a little too late at this point? An objective Tobi didn’t seem to think so. The other half of Tolex encouraged Alex to let it all out, but in the same breath expressed how sad it is that the three women in the House are not as close as they all should be. Through her tears, Alex looked to the future and revealed just how much she does not want to leave the House while still holding grudges.

Alex pens a Heartfelt Apology

Soon after the Head of House read the brief about the Rexona Task, Alex stood up and started reading out an apology to Cee-C.

This comes after Tobi advised Alex to not have any grudges and just enjoy her last days in the House.

In full view of her Housemates, Alex started her apology by saying she knows they have their differences and she knows that they can’t be the best of friends but she doesn’t think their God is happy with the situation between them.

Anger Aside

Continuing with her apology, Alex said she won’t play the blame game and point fingers on who’s wrong, but she knows they don’t have to lose the friendship they had. Alex humbled herself and added that leaving the House angry at any of the Housemates won’t do her any good.

It’s ok if you don’t want to talk to me anymore, its ok if you want to go with however you see me but for me, it won’t be a good thing leaving the House angry at you or anyone else,” Alex added.

Icy Response

After listening to Alex’s apology, Cee-C took time to respond and clarified that she wasn’t fighting with anyone. She added that the only person she’d be avoiding would have been Tobi because of what happened between them.

She further said that the only reason she’s been quiet is because she’s been trying to stay away from bad energies she didn’t think were good for her.

I’m tired of trying to ask for acceptance and validation which I never get. I’m enough for myself and I have all the validation on this earth“, she concluded.

Curious to see what Alex said? Read the full transcript below

Alex’s letter:


Yes we have our differences. I know we can’t be the best of friends, but do you think God is happy with us and what’s going on? I’m not saying you are wrong or that I’m wrong, or that we are both right. It doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to end the friendship we had this way. I’m sorry if I hurt you. I accept all you told me.

It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me anymore. It’s okay if you decide to go with however you see me. But for me, it won’t be a good thing to leave this House angry at you, or anyone else. We’ve been around for each other in times of need and that is something to value.

I hereby put whatever issues we’ve had, in the past. It’s a game. We all came here to win. And as the last five, we’re all winners. Even if you don’t believe me, most times when I think of you, I still have reasons to smile, before my anger. I’m not apologetic for who I am.

The Bible says there is no need praying when you are keeping malice. I’m writing this with tearsin my eyes because it’s from my heart. We don’t try to understand each other and it’s fine. Regardless, deep down, I still have love for you.

I don’t even know if I’m making sense, but I’m deeply sorry for every single bad thing I’ve said to you in this House. It breaks my heart to see you alon,e even though I try to act all strong and straight with you. I still have a heart.

I’m not writing this so we’ll talk again. I’m just saying it doesn’t have to end this way. Tobi, or any guy is not enough to build a wall between us. My immaturity is my fault and I accept it.

In the name of God, I’m tired of these shenanigans. I didn’t mean for it to get this bad. Let’s forgive and forget whatever it is. We all came to win. Whoever wins at this point, it is fine by me. I don’t want to leave this House mad at you or the other way round.

Cee-C, I give up on this fight. Forgive and forget. I am sorry. I’m not apologizing because I am weak. I’m apologizing because I love you and I’m not the type to keep so much dislike in my heart – and I just hope you accept me for who I am.

Killing the Odour

The Housemates received their second task for the week and they have to prepare a seven minute presentation on the benefits of Rexona.

Divided in groups, the Housemates are to develop and deliver a unique presentation which can either be an original song or a drama sketch.

Each group has been given six hours to prepare and that has been what the Housemates have been busy with.

However, the task didn’t start without drama. As soon as the brief was read by the Head of House, Alex stood up and read her apology to Cee-C, making way for them to choose their pairs without any tension in the House.

The Odour Look

As soon as the dust had settled regarding the apology, the Housemates were busy at work. Nina, Miracle and Tobi formed one group while Cee-C and Alex chose to work together.

While discussing the benefits of Rexona, Miracle and Tobi playfully asked Alex to choose between them the one that looks like has body odour.

Even though they had a task to prepare, the Housemates chose to have chats in between the preparation while others saw it as a chance to take a nap.

The Housemates are expected to do their presentation this evening and if they manage to impress Big Brother, they will be rewarded and therefore avoid starvation.

Go, and Smell No More

After an afternoon filled with the reading of research material and scripts preps, the Arena summon finally came and the Housemates took their positions, ready to act the ‘odours’ away, curtesy of Rexona and as per brief, they had separated themselves into two groups; Miracle, Tobi and Nina being group 1’s constituents, while duo Alex and Cee-C of made up group 2.

Humour Me

Team 1 (Miracle, Tobi and Nina) were the first to present their piece and the trio’s take on the Task was quite humorous. Miracle played the role of ‘odour offender’ and had his relationship crumble because his girlfriend (Nina) who’d acted out for a while finally outed him and sent him packing. Tobi on the hand played the roles of taxi driver and the advisor who presented Miracle with saving grace on the silver platter, Rexona.

Radio Waving

Team 2 (Alex and Cee-C) also opted for a mini play with Cee-C being the one plating grace; saving Alex from a disastrous date she was meant to have pre Rexona redemption. Thanks to Cee-C’s radio slot that broke the ‘odour dilemma’ down and highlighted the solutions, Alex went from offender to bae real quick.

Both teams invested an admirable amount of effort but thanks to their humor, team 1 (Miracle, Tobi and Nina) bagged the win.

The 79th Diary Entry

Although the sound of the drama has taken on a rather strange and unpleasant sound due to the Housemates being left to sink or swim in the unknown, the bunch still finds solace in the very faint but familiar sounds; like Biggie’s voice calling them into the Diary and having them release their clenched muscles caused by the pressures of having to share the same spaces as the competition. Another round of diaries swept by and as always, the Housemates found peace by saying their piece.

Alex Exhales 

Alex was the first to spill the beans and prepare the pot of soup, explaining why Cee-C wasn’t her first choice when Biggie prompted them to put their heads together and Nominate as per criteria; highlighting however that she’d been freed from all the anger and pressure thanks to the ‘heartfelt’ (according to her of course) letter of apology she read to Cee-C earlier.

Down Memory Lane

The other Housemates’ diary session were much quicker and consumed way less times than Alex’s (not that we’re complaining though). Cee-C let out the fact that she’d learnt a lot about team collaboration during Task preps and will sure put practice this theory. On the other hand, of all the things she could have listed as, she mentioned Biggie’s voice as the one thing she’ll miss the most after all is said and done.

Miracle, Tobi and Nina were the most directly responsive of the bunch. When asked what the props placed in the House meant to them, they mentioned just how babies Chidera and Gelah reminded them of the amount of stress parenting brought. All three seemed to have been totally okay with the new HoH and for the first time in a very long while, resentment was thrown out the window.


Have you been watching? What did you think of the Day 79 activities?

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