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Weruche Opia, Mofe Duncan, Yvonne Hays star in Short Film “Thereafter” | Watch Trailer on BN



When it comes to emotional trauma can there ever truly be closure?

In this compelling short drama, 4 women embark on different paths towards healing after devastating betrayal by a pivotal figure in each of their lives.

June’s successful life as a motivational speaker masks her inner turmoil. Her mantra is ’embrace your power’. All she wants to do is to forget her past but how can she forget when she can’t forgive? Layla’s life has been a direct reflection of her early emotional upheaval, a downward spiral as she is passed from abuser to abuser. She finally has a moment of clarity- in order to build a future she has to recover the sense of self- worth she lost so long ago.

Amanda and Bukky grew up as close as sisters till a dark secret pushed them apart. Now Amanda has returned after a self-imposed exile to try and reconnect. When the secret is so devastating, however, can the truth really bring them closer? Or will Amanda’s confession break their bond beyond repair?

On this eventful day these 4 women’s lives intersect as they attempt to overcome the demons of their pasts.

Thereafter was produced by Yvonne Hays, Christianah Uzoukwu and Judith Okwuba, directed by Yinka Idowu and features Weruche Opia, Yvonne Hays, Christianah,Uzoukwu, Lola May, Mofe Duncan, Prince Shoyelu and more.


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