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Episode 3 of Professor JohnBull’s 6th Season addresses “Jungle Justice” | Watch on BN TV



When society loses confidence in the ability of the state’s security apparatus to provide adequate security for lives and property and ensure that justice is dispensed without fear or favour, the people resort to self-help and this often leads to lawlessness.

This is the premise of episode 3 of season 6 for the TV drama series, Professor JohnBull, sponsored by Globacom.

This week’s episode dwells on the ills of resorting to self-help and the need for members of the public to repose confidence in the agencies saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order. Titled Jungle Justice, the episode presents yet another lesson in decency and the need for people to verify facts before acting so that the cord which holds the society together will not snap. The episode pushes for an orderly society, where people do not, under any circumstance, take the laws into their hands.

Watch below.

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