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Jada Pinkett Smith & Gabrielle Union settle 17-year Feud on “Red Table Talk” | WATCH

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Jada Pinkett Smith & Gabrielle Union settle 17-year on "Red Table Talk" | WATCH

Jada Pinkett Smith has a new show titled Red Table Talk where she, her daughter Willow & her mother Adrienne host guests and hold discussions.

On this particular episode, Jada reaches out to fellow actress Gabrielle Union and they sit down to discuss their silent feud of over 17 years.

They discussed the uncertain cause of their feud, their ups and downs and more.

The show starts with Gabrielle meeting Jada at the Smith residence as well as Adrienne who is a big fan of Gabrielle. Then Jada & Gabrielle head to the table to talk out their issues. They reminisced on moments when they met and it was awkward.

At the beginning, Jada said;

This is a very special show for me because what I’ve decided to do is to make this about creating a new girlfriend. Gab and I, we had a bit of a break, we don’t know how but she has been open to this healing. She has been open to this conversation because everyone plays a part.

Gabrielle also revealed how she really did not know why they did not settle for a long while. In her words;

I could have been like, “Okay, I know this is super uncomfortable but I’ma hop in your face and we’re gonna talk“, but I was like “Okay! Whatever!” Then you think, “It’s not going to affect my life” but it does because your brain keeps going back there.

Watch the video below:

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