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Linda Ikeji opens up about the perils of building a Successful Brand on a New Episode of “Against the Odds with Peace Hyde” | Watch Teaser




This episode of Against The Odds with Peace Hyde chronicles the journey of successful blogger Linda Ikeji. From humble beginnings, Linda Ikeji had to not only find ways to overcome poverty but also in the process discover her true calling.

Her journey building one of the most prolific online blogs in West Africa has had several setbacks but through it all, Linda has maintained an unflinching focus and tenacity to build a business that not only empowered her but the people she cared most about as well.

Watch teaser:

1 Comment

  1. moi

    May 18, 2018 at 8:55 am

    Go Linda… Peace you need to dig deeper and stop being lazy about the guests you bring. West Africa is a large space. Stop making your programs Forbes Nigeria and slightly Ghana.

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