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Fire on Otedola Bridge put Out



Fire on Otedola Bridge put Out | BellaNaija

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA)‘s response unit has reported that the fire on Otedola Bridge, Ikeja, has been put out.

A fire had started on the bridge after a tanker exploded, spreading to other cars.

Writing on their Twitter, LRU said the fire, which had spread to 30 other cars, has been completely put out.

Photo Credit: @rrslagos767

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  1. Cherie

    June 29, 2018 at 1:32 am

    Nigerian leaders are killing us with incompetence. We are allowing them to kill us with learned helplessness disguised as prayers. You don’t need your leader’s prayers, you need him to do his damn job and let you worry about your relationship with God. It’s been an entire week of preventable deaths of hundreds of people every day this week. And everyday our feckless leaders come with palms out, empty, devoid of ideas. We don’t need more religious people, we need more motivated, effective people.

    Meanwhile our culture of any thing goes is another factor. From the company that put the tanker on the road, to the driver taking roads he shouldn’t be on, to the policemen at road blocks too busy collecting bribes to enforce rules, to the locals who will dismantle barriers with their hands. All of us join together in the deaths of these people.

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