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#ThaiCaveRescue: 12 Boys & Coach Discharged From Hospital



All 12 members of Wild Boars Junior football team and their coach who were trapped for over 2 weeks in a flooded cave have been discharged from hospital.

BBC reports that the boys (aged between 11-16) and their coach who looked very healthy and excited in matching outfits, headed straight to an organised press conference where they took turns recounting their grueling experience while they waited to be rescued.

“Water is clean,” one of the boys said. “Only water, no food.”

Sitting beside the boys were the Thai Navy SEALs who stayed inside the cave with them once they were found.

The boys, led by their coach Ekkapol Chanthawong, 25, got trapped in the cave on June 23rd.

Ekkapol, speaking about former NAVY Seal Saman Kunan who died during the operation said:

“We are impressed that Saman sacrificed his life to save us so that we could go and live our lives. Once we heard the news, we were shocked. We were very sad. We felt like… we caused sadness to his family.”

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