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Peter Obi says FG is Pushing Nigerians into Poverty | WATCH



Former Anambra State Governor Peter Obi has said the Federal Government is pushing Nigerians into poverty.

Peter Obi said this in an interview with Channels TV, where he spoke on the state of the nation’s economy.

The nation’s economy has gotten worse since the election of the President Muhammadu Buhari led administration.

He lamented the country’s debt profile. See the interview below:


  1. Stephen

    August 30, 2018 at 7:46 am

    Was there anytime Nigeria were Rich?Nigeria has been poor since 1960
    From 1960 till date have you had constant electricity? Water?Good hospitals?Good roads?security?No right?
    SO stop talking go home
    The Zoo have been poor a longtime.

  2. by_stander

    August 30, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Peter Obi! I love the way this man’s brain operates!

    Why he is not a presidential candidate is the biggest mystery in this world today. He is an example of a rare world class leader.

    And we have a lot of good people in this country that can make good things happen. If only they are allowed!

    Come to think about it, I actually liked this guy before i found out he is not a Lawyer or Accountant.

    Its things like that makes me still believe God has a greater plan for mankind.

    I always feel inspired when i hear this man talking.

    Sir, please let me just add that the road map is in the hands of our Lawyers and Accountants. They have written monopolies for themselves into our laws that is guaranteed to push us in to poverty if they cant achieve slavery which can be one and thesame if you think about it again.

    We keep blaming FG but the truth is that we have very bad laws and policies that are deliberately created to stagnate our growth in favour of only two professions. and a President isn’t responsible for writing laws.

    The culprits may argue its not them, but i’m yet to hear them highlight the things stacked in their favour that negatively affect our collective interest as human beings.

    It seems we’re being distracted by the complexity of everything else we are facing as a result.

    As for Dr Nazifi Darma – i just want to say that you have to factor in the unfortunate truth that humans do not live forever. They also are not hanging around to be your slave.

    Building infrastructure can be done without throwing people into poverty. Even In 19th century America, Cornelius Vanderbilt, John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla. and Henry Ford would have told you its possible to do it while making the entrepreneurs rich.

    It’s also not today that we are learning that the school of economics can be corrupted by bad influence from financial sector in their own favour.

    So anything you are analysing needs to factor in inalienable rights of human beings at the very least, to making any type of commonsense.

    And you did study banking and finance at some point.

    Did the light flicker? anyways back to my man Peter Obi, Sir China sef did not have progress until they loosen their economy into a mixed economy.
    So you dont want to necessary copy China verbatim, but rather take away the understanding of what works.

    No type of government system on earth can work by infringing on the inalienable rights of its people.

    Sir I still think you are a genius and sometimes its hard for people with high intelligence to communicate their ideas.

    You have said everything in this interview, those with ears to hear and brains to understand should have caught the information.

    Because of the systematic and delibrate nature of the problem i believe we need a panel of highly intelligent people from different professions to analysis everything from top to bottom.

    From my experience apart from those two professions, every other proffesion seems to have a sense of duty to promote or enchance the inalienable rights of human beings.

    And i still use the ebola situation as an example. where a doctor gave her life for the greater good of the people. All the medical people spoke up, immediately they gave us a reasonable framework and road map to dealing with the problem. it was so good that even the westerns came to learn from us. i don’t think at any point their financial gain superseded the interest of human beings.

    That is, the sense of duty that is in the interest of inalienable rights of human beings i keep talking about.

    Meanwhile we’re facing this economic issues for over 20 years or longer, and all we are getting are distractions and more problems so we will not know they are the source of all our problems.

    • Engoz

      August 30, 2018 at 5:41 pm

      Ok I dunno about your accountant and lawyer bit, lol.

      But this is very important:

      “Because of the systematic and delibrate nature of the problem i believe we need a panel of highly intelligent people from different professions to analysis everything from top to bottom.”

      What do you think of a democracy where these intelligent people vote for who becomes president instead of the people voting? I do not think this democracy of uninformed citizens voting for who to become president is helping us. Right now our political atmosphere is based on a popularity contest. Who is popular wins! What a wrong premise to elect a leader. And I am tired of crazy people ruling me. Of course we’ll put up structures to prevent mismanagement or influences from political forces. I think there is a term for this type of government, but I cannot remember. Would just like to hear your view on this.

    • by_stander

      August 30, 2018 at 10:28 pm

      You should know oh lol, cause if you feel the way you do then they are likely the reason why.

      Personal i don’t think the people can be wrong, because everyone has a fair idea of their personal issues. They also have a right to have a say in their future.

      They don’t have to be obtain a license or authority from anybody for that.

      its even easier for people to accept the outcome good or bad so long as they made the call themselves. You can no force anybody to do anything, but you can encourage them by showing them the benefits – in fact freedom from coercion is an inalienable right.

      So the primary focus has to be inalienable rights of human beings which includes the above.

      Where its becomes unfair or an issue arises is when a person or a group of people want to infringe on those natural rights. Infact naturals rights is what affords a person protection by the state.

      You cant have a country without people (in fact you cant have alot of things without people i’ll get back to this). so its always funny how sometimes inalienable rights of human beings disappears into thin air.

      And when it does, everything starts to fall apart. you can try a very trick in book to treat the symptoms but if you don’t fix the underlying cause, its a disaster waiting for happen.

      There is no argument for prosperity on which the alienable rights of any human being should be ever infringed upon. when it has to be done, something has gone horribly wrong. And a lot of people today still try to make argument of why they want to infringe on the inalienable infringe of others.

      The next part is a bit lengthy but i cut it down to summarize.

      democracy works of the shelf because it is suppose to reflect the will of the people. So when you have issues others are not having the logical thing to do is do a comparison.
      In this case you find all leading issues with infringement to economic liberty and right to earn a living. If you dig even deep you find that while everyone else is suffering two professions benefit in bulk from these infringements.

      when they offer no reason justification and in many cases are silent on it, you have to wonder why. in a 3 arm government you should be able to get a balance but only if they are truly and fundamental independent from one another you may find this to be the case, that some professions actually have . very high influence with any sort of real check and balance to ensure they don’t infringe on inalienable rights, we are basically trusting these people not to infringe on our inalienable rights.

      For me i asked the question if they are even qualified on a cognitive level to be such position of trust, I concluded i dont really think so, knowing from my experience who ends up studying what subjects in school.

      Then also remember for the large part we are no more picking these people, by default of profession they end up with so much power, even so much so collectively they out power an elected President.

      Yes its good for when you have a tyrant as a leader but how about when you have people that will miss use this power for financial gain?

      its because of questions like these we have to stick to our core. Unalienable Rights of Human Beings if we loose focus, we loose direction, especially on complex issues. we left with a system that is inherently stagnated. and now infringing on the inalienable rights of human beings.

      So we have to give power back to the people. frist way to do that is to remove the monopoly in all lour laws and policies that infringe on inalienable rights. (this should automatically reform all institutions)

      second step is documenting our complete inalienable rights in simple, easy to understand text
      – translated into every spoken language in the society..

      3rd step is creating a framework to track any infringement on these rights. i propose every law or policy should carry the names of the people that sponsor it including their reasons and the names of the lawyers that had over sights, there should also be always a living sponsor for any such law. and extremely strict penalties for all those involved if at any time such a law is found to infringe on inalienable rights of human beings.

      unless an inalienable right of person is proved to been infringed upon,by the actions of another, the supreme court judges should have no right to supercede the inalienable rights of a human being in its decision making. and they have the onus to always protect these rights from even the state or face the same extremely strict penalties.

      This becomes the simplest and more efficient legal system even the common man can represent himself in court without being able to speak a word of english.

      People will be able to pursue fulfilling lives knowing always the state is there to protect their interest e.t.c

      These are the sort of things i think a panel of highly intelligent people from all works of life can discuss and come to a conclusion on. A solution that CAN NOT be alien to any normal human being.

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