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Awala-Ale Mofe: Check Out These 5 Tips Before You Buy Those Beauty Products

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The cosmetics industry has witnessed a noticeable boom in the last few years, and the factors that affect this include social media and beauty forums. In almost every home, there is a makeup enthusiast or makeup lover.
The problem that exists in this situation is that almost every makeup enthusiast is buying the same products, using the same methods and creating the same looks.

These 5 points will change the make-up you buy and the way you apply your makeup.

Make-up is personal
Currently, the Instagram makeup look (also referred to as drag make-up) is quite common. Instagram makeup is not great for all occasions and people of all ages in most cases. For this reason, every individual should know what makeup product best enhance their features rather than using what is popular at the time.

Furthermore, make-up is not to be applied in the same manner on every face. This is because individuals with different facial features cannot use the same application methods to get the same results.
An example of this is the application of eyeshadow on someone with large lid space and another person with hooded lids. The application of make-up on the large eyelids and hooded eyelids will differ.

It is necessary to understand your product
It has become common for products to trend and this leads to en-masse purchase because a celebrity or online personality has used it. In such cases, it is common for individuals to be disappointed with the purchase because they do not how to use the said product.

Understanding a make-up product even before purchase ensures that you only buy products that will be useful to you. Understanding a product after purchase though, will ensure that you make the best use of the makeup product. A commonly misunderstood product is color-correcting palettes. Here is an educational video on color correcting.

Skincare > the power of makeup
The growth of makeup transformation Instagram pages or individuals that encourage hiding skin problems with makeup is a problem.

While makeup can be used by people with acne, hyperpigmentation and other skin issues, improving skin care practices will change the type of makeup needed. Having clear and healthier skin will change the quantity of makeup you need to get a flawless finish. Having great skin will provide a confidence that cannot be destroyed even with the absence of makeup.
Remember, the skin is the foundation for any makeup application (Despite the unrealistic photoshopped pictures that dominate the internet, makeup cannot cover bumps). Take care of your skin as if makeup does not exist.

Know your Skin Undertone
A lot of people greatly underestimate the importance of knowing their skin undertone. I discovered the importance of knowing my undertone when I started buying foundations and concealers. I did come to appreciate the importance of knowing my undertone when buying other cosmetic products and even clothes.

For example, someone with warmer undertones should veer towards warmer toned cosmetic products when trying to remain in their color comfort zone. For more dramatic looks, someone with warm undertones could apply cool toned products.
When you know your skin undertone, you can anticipate what makeup shades will look good on you even before application. The knowledge of skin undertones can guide you on what makeup shades to purchase.

Know your Face shape and Features
Knowing your face shape is as important as knowing your skin undertone. Sometimes makeup users do not consider the shape of their face and facial features while doing a makeup look.
This is because nearly every beauty guru on youtube has the same makeup techniques. A lot of beauty YouTubers contour and highlight in the same manner. By studying your face, its shape and assessing what would suit you best, you know what makeup products to buy and how to apply your makeup.

Beauty YouTubers with amazing techniques include Lisa Eldridge, Destiny Godley, and Wayne Goss. These YouTubers are professional makeup artists with tips for people of different skin tones and face shapes.

All five subjects addressed above are not addressed enough. However, these are things that could change the choice of products you purchase and could affect how you apply your makeup.

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Mofe is a writer and self-taught baker with a growing interest in product photography and she just acquired a Masters degree in International Relations. She is a writer, recipe reviewer and amateur food photographer on ThisBaker I am @This_Baker on Instagram.

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