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“Nothing To Worry About!” – Sowore reacts to MFM Founder’s ₦10bn Lawsuit



Yele Sowore

Sahara Reporters publisher Yele Sowore has responded to the news of the lawsuit filed against him by the founder of Mountain of Fire Ministries (MFM) Daniel Olukoya for publishing malicious articles about him and his church.

In an official statement released via Sowore’s Facebook page, the presidential aspirant revealed that Olukoya had “gone bunkers” after he (Sowore) refused to attend the meeting he (Olukoya) requested for.

Alongside his claim, he shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat between himself and a University of Lagos (UNILAG) alumni official, Aaron Akinloye who he said was sent  by Olukoya to request for the meeting.

He shared:

“Nothing To Worry About! Earlier this Year This Same “Pastor” And GO Olukoya Sent A UNILAG Alumni Official, Aaron Akinloye To Ask For A Meeting Between Him, The New Vice Chancellor Of UNILAG, Prof. Toyin Ogundipe And Myself, Aaron Claimed He (Olukoya) Was Doing Wonders For UNILAG And Wanted Me To Stop SaharaReporters From Negative Reporting Against Pastor Olukoya, I Refused! I Told Aaron I am Only Interested In Meeting Prof. Ogundipe To Discuss The Unjust Rustication Of Femi Adeyeye (A Student Activist Who Was Rusticated For Two Years Over His Criticisms Of The UNILAG Senate On Facebook) Since I Rejected A Meeting With Olukoya, The GO has Gone Bunkers Threatening Brimstone And Fire. I Am Not Surprised His Forum-Shopped To Uyo To Find A Judge Willing To Do His Bidding (Maybe). However, No One Should Be Worried, These Fakes Will Meet Their Waterloo Someday Soon In A New Nigeria.They Will Gang Up Left, Right And Center But Nothing Can Stop An Idea Whose Time Has Come”!

Nothing To Worry About! Earlier this Year This Same "Pastor" And GO Olukoya Sent A UNILAG Alumni Official, Aaron…

Publiée par Omoyele Sowore sur Dimanche 2 septembre 2018


  1. James

    September 3, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Na this one wey dress like this won be Naija President?

  2. TEE

    September 3, 2018 at 4:42 pm

    Mr SoworeI wish you success !.We need someone with clout to eradictae the menance of these fakes in our society, Even with the law they continiue to constitue nuisance in every neigborhood, they act as if above the law, people cant have peaceful rest after hurrendous day at work and on the road, children cant sleep well which impact on their studies. Last week a journey of about 10mis took almsot 3 hours on Lagos Ibadan expressway just because of these ‘churches’ all along the expressway. it was insane! many people claim to be religious and yet evil abound every where. just cant make it all up.

  3. urudeen observer

    September 11, 2018 at 2:27 am

    sowore,seems you are having hallucination and delusion. you have a libel filed against you,still joining issues. when did july 7 whatsapp message you posted suddenly becomes early this year as claimed in your write up. the news you reported , being bone of contention mountain of fire and miracle ministries won the case in maryland usa. why didnt you report the news when judgement was given in favour of mfm and dr olukoya if you are not practicing biased journalism, yet you want to be NIGERIA PRESIDENT, all the best. . dr olukoya will NEVER demand a meeting with you when he can use the precious time for counselling to impact lives. continue to join issue thinking it was when you were in unilag and filing up to face panel, i was at the unilag post office watching need to do the needful.

  4. Judah 031

    September 13, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Rada Rada! U think Dr DK Olukoya is one of those mumu u gonna use as a stepping stone wait n see d work of d God of Elijah! u are just one useless fellow who only wanna waste is time in being a country leader because u lack d ethics! So disrespectful! U look down on d Oni of Ife and think u can be a leader too? bro u are a wasted zygote just go n sleep we don’t need a rascal as a PRESIDENT! I prefer Saraki sef

  5. Ajala & Foodie

    September 13, 2018 at 3:47 pm

    I am beginning to accept that we shall be stuck with the current oldies we have in government until we get serious as a generation. I have always known that Sowore is no presidential material since I saw an interview he had with one minister and they were but yelling and getting embroiled in the typical 9ja “who do you think you are”? nonesense… so loud and obnoxious.
    I am yet to see any candidate that I can get behind. Moghalu lost my vote with his display of lack of integrity with the whole party voting buhaha. If you agreed to joining powers then don’t back out because it was not you that was picked. We need men of integrity at the elm of government. Fela Durotoye, that one is playing “siddon look” campaign, dude nobody knows you, presidency is not just going to fall on you.
    So here is to Bubu and Uncle Ati continuing their power struggle things.

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