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A Love Built on Friendship! Bunmi & Opeyemi’s Lovestory + Pre-Wedding Shoot



Bunmi and her sweetheart Opeyemi have us feeling all giddy and excited. The couple attended the same university and were members of the same fellowship. It was at one of their fellowship dinners that they met and that meeting later led to years of friendship between the two. Three years of maintaining a solid friendship, they officially started dating and now have officially become one.

Their pre-wedding is so exciting and shows the playful but beautiful chemistry that exists between the two. Read their lovestory and also the proposal story by the bride, Bunmi.


How We Met
By the bride, Bunmi

Ope and I went to the same university and attended the same fellowship. We met in 2008 during my first year, at the end of year fellowship dinner. We both came with our own dates; Ope was with his girlfriend at that time. While greeting my date who happened to be his very good friend, he made a comment about me being the assistant Holy Spirit seeing as his friend was Pastor of our fellowship. I’d thought “What a Joker”. I hadn’t even gotten his name.

Sometime later on in the semester, after one of the weekday fellowship services, we got talking and then he walked me to my hostel. From there, one thing led to another and we became really good friends. We didn’t start dating until about three years later.

Proposal Story
By the bride, Bunmi

It finally happened on April 1st of this year. It was also Easter Sunday and we had decided to have a barbeque at Ope’s place. Although I’d been expecting the proposal to happen for ages (hello, we had been dating for over 7 years by then! Lol). I had absolutely no clue the proposal was going to happen that day. For one, Ope sucks at surprises so it rarely ever happens. Also considering that he’s not a crowd person, inviting a group of friends over with the aim of popping the question was something I would never have thought of. Like that’s so Un-Ope.

So, I was flipping burgers when Ope took the floor to give a thank you speech. He’s “The Funny Guy” so of course, he had to be comical about it. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. As I flipped a burger which one of our friends had been trying hard to relieve me of, Ope called me to his side. Even then, I wasn’t even thinking along the lines of a proposal. I thought maybe he was just…in his feelings. Not until the speech turned to a review of our years together and our relationship. I figured he must have been extremely nervous because boy, the speech was LONG. Eventually, he went on one knee and brought out the most beautiful ring, most perfect ring… Of course, it was YES!

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Coordinator: @qmaravieplanners
Location:  @theweddingmall
Photography: @jopstudios


  1. Next2New Bridal Outlet

    October 11, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Beautiful couple, cute kids alert. Congrats.

  2. Blossom Beauty Finesse

    October 14, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    Was literally smiling all through ????

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