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BN Sweet Spot: Sharing Jollof with your Wife in Lagos Traffic just might be the most Romantic Thing



Who knew Lagos traffic could be a tool for romance?

Dolapo Oni, on his Twitter @Dolarpo, shared one of the most romantic gestures we’ve ever heard of.

His wife was stuck in traffic at Alagomeji, he shared, hungry and tired, and he had just cooked some “wicked” jollof at home. What did he do? He dished some into a cooler, got some drinks, and took a bike, then a bus, then another bike to find his wife in traffic. Then they drove home together.

Got us all in our feelings.

See his tweets below:


  1. Lucci

    November 21, 2018 at 1:32 pm

    2005 was the first time I lived in Lagos with my older sister at maryland, mende precisely. I remember sitting with her a function later that year and a lady came by and greeted us. We responded to her greeting and wondered where she knew us from, she said I’m Gloria your neighbour, I work with UBA I normally leave when everyone is sleeping and get back when everyone has gone to bed. My sister and I remembered that we normally hear footsteps pretty very early in the morning and and then very late at night when it is past bed time. I actually swore in my heart not to live in Lagos for any reason whatsoever…I grew up in the east and schooled in the south, had no business with traffic in those regions. But alas I live in Lagos presently and I am getting used to the traffic but my kids will always ask me…Mummy why is there so much traffic, it’s not like this in PH where we are coming from. Funny enough I was like Gloria the first few months we moved, I leave the house while men slept and came back when they have gone to bed until I changed jobs and now go against the traffic yet there is still traffic. Never say never!

    • Dayo

      November 22, 2018 at 2:53 am

      @Lucci, nice share…

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