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Waje opens up on Overcoming Negativity & Being More Confident on DANG Monologue | WATCH



Singer Waje is the latest guest on DANG Monologue and she opened up on her struggles seeking validation and how social media didn’t give her the validation she was expecting.

She spoke about having a not-so-good performance one time and she began trending on social media. And in her hotel room, she read comments on social media fat-shaming her and criticising her performance.

She became angry and it also affected her relationship. Her and her boyfriend later broke up, she stopped hanging out with friends and became depressed.

She decided to change things, started working out – physically and mentally – and things began to change.

She lost the negativity, became more confident and strong. Today, she’s happy because she no longer expects from social media what it cannot deliver.



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  1. Nathaly

    December 20, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Since i heard the way she treats her staff, i so dislike Waje now, not interesting in her music anymore.

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