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Tezor Dedam: Forever & More! 5 Marriage Proposal Ideas to Get Your Partner to Say Yes



Some of the best marriage proposals are simple and sweet, like in the waking hours of the day right there on the bed, or after a nice homemade dinner. On the other hand, some are more complex and thoroughly planned, taking days or weeks. Some, though, are in the spur of the moment, without even having a ring available.

To some people, a proposal might not be more than a simple question, and what really matters is the marriage that follows. So no reason why they should be a big deal. It’s hard to refute that, but the truth is a proposal is actually more special than it might seem. It is the focal point of a entry into what would be a journey of a lifetime, or at least what should be. It is an agreement between two lovers that they are ready for the rest of their lives, together, and this is why having an amazing and romantic idea will be helpful in creating a memorable moment as you pop the special question. Here are five amazing proposal ideas you probably never thought off.

The Good Ol’ Flash Mob
A flash mob is typically a scenario where several people posing to be random strangers in a public place come together to stage a surprise dance and/or singing routine as a means of entertainment, artistic expression or raising awareness. To be honest, I have heard of several flash mob proposals, and I’m sure you have as well. But before you rule this off as cliché, have you ever thought of tailoring your flash mob to something more of your own taste?

Typical flash mobs sing and dance in choreography, but you could try a spoken word flash mob if your hubby is into that kind of thing, or you could organize a flash mob where they perform an acapella rendition of her favorite song (if you don’t know her favorite song you probably shouldn’t be marrying her). You could also try a scene where the members of your mob call out her name one by one and tell her why she means the world to you and should spend the rest of her life with you. Be as creative as you can with it.

Flash mobs are easier to pull off than you might think. First of all it is easier and cheaper to use friends of yours she unfamiliar with, or you could hire dancers and singers for that professional touch. You could also rent a public space or a section of a public building. Believe it or not, telling them it’s for a proposal actually makes it easier.

Work Route Wowing
Another creative and undiscovered way to drop the question is to master your hubby’s route to work and leave hints along the way. This one might be a little tricky and will cost you quite some effort and money, but it will definitely be worth it.

Get acquainted with the major roads and routes that she takes to work every day, then leave hints like posters, bus stickers, people wearing T-shirts and other print medium that say ‘Will you marry me?’ You can even go all out and use an advertising display screen.

The thing about this proposal idea is that you have to make the hints obvious enough to make sure she sees at least 70% of it, otherwise it would be a waste. So you should make sure the shirt prints are large and the people wearing it know to walk past her when they see her. You should make the posters visible to passing vehicles. You can even arrange for a sticker to be placed on her windshield or given to her by a “random stranger.” Go all out!

These simple things will leave the impression in her head, she might not know what is happening at first but when she gets to work and sees you waiting on one knee, everything will add up and it will be a proposal to remember. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to be work because of the complications of discussing it with her co-workers and management, it can also work in her friend’s house, an eatery that she likes to visit, or basically anywhere that she follows the same route to.

Explore the Arts
It’s interesting how we don’t explore all the options when considering a date proposal. Instead of the usual romantic restaurant setting, how about you try something different and even more romantic for a change. Which brings me to the next proposal idea: you could take your hubby out for a spoken word performance, a subtle live music session, a play, or basically anything that isn’t a loud and rowdy concert.

A comedy show would be an excellent example of using the arts to your advantage. Instead of a packed out arena with thousands of people, go for the smaller comedy shows with a smaller stage, fewer people and some dinner tables to really bring out that up-close and private effect. The effect of laughter on our mood and general happiness is quite obvious so why not tap into all that positive energy. There are a lot more comedy shows than you think, all you need to do is ask around. But that’s not the best part, another advantage of small comedy events is the accessibility. You could have a small word with the organizers and arrange with any of the performers to lend you a helping hand in your proposal, maybe with an on screen projection and some romantic background music. You usually won’t have to pay, as long as you tell them you’re proposing to the love of your life, they will be happy to be a part of it.

Glow It Up
It has been scientifically proven that lighting affects our moods, whether it’s dim lighting to make a setting more romantic or glowing bright light to stir up emotions. The creative and versatile nature of lighting can be a perfect tool in making a marriage proposal. If you don’t know of glow-in-the-dark paints you should look it up and buy some, then pop the question right there on the wall and wait for the lights to go off and let her see the it all for herself. Another good example is arranging garden lights to form the question or throwing it into the mix however you like. This would look nicer in an outdoor setting with flowers and bushes or any other effects or decorations you personally want to add. The cool evening breeze and flowers will definitely work to your advantage.

Go to Her Special Place
This doesn’t necessarily mean a physical place, although that is not entirely excluded. But by special place, I mean more like revoking a memory, showing a special gesture, or playing out anything that she can relate to on an intimate level. You can even take her to an actual location that she has fond memories of or that she has a special connection with. Going to her “special place” is probably your best bet in terms of striking a cord and leaving her in a pool of emotions.

It might not be easy to find that special place, and quite frankly, not everybody has one. But doing something that you know she will especially like is good enough. For example, if she loves romantic music and nature, you can propose in the middle of a Sam Smith song on an open field under a naked star-littered sky. Or if she likes art you can take her to an art gallery and use all that art to create a spectacular moment. It doesn’t have to be grand or public and it will mostly depend on you to find the right place.

On a concluding note, a memorable marriage proposal depends on creativity, romantic flair and the element of surprise. But the key ingredient is knowing that it’s the right time and it’s the right person. A beautiful proposal is a really good thing, but it will have no value if it is not built on genuine love and readiness for a lifetime together. You can work around any of these ideas to suit your taste, location and budget while maintaining the core concepts, but you can’t work around loving a person. I hope that these five proposal ideas help create a beautiful moment, and more importantly, I hope you have a long and fulfilling married life.

Tezor Dedam is a Fictional/Lifestyle Writer from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He graduated from the University of Lagos with a degree in Applied Physics, he likes sports, dogs and Rap music. Besides freelance writing, he also runs Graveur, a small scale writing company and is a strong advocate for the protection of the environment.

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